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  1. I would like a setting like 'simple textures' or a setting where it would reduce lag a lot and remove shaders and other things.. (i have a horable PC atm and not a graphic whore.)
  2. I absolutly love this, yo! That looks sooooo cool! I love the DE, please release it! I must have! Great job!
  3. ====================================================================== !!!CONFIRMED!!! This method works on Windows and All linux Distros. For Windows, Google 'python 2.7 download' and download it insted of the terminal command. Every other step will work just fine. ====================================================================== This tutorial will show you how to replace textures in NMRIH with your own. (Mod) ====================================================================== ----What you will need---- https://www.dropbox.com/home?preview=reader.py, python 2.7 (3 sucks) ====================================================================== ----The How to---- 1) You will need a Graphic to start with. Either make, or google a picture that is 600x600 or 1024x1024 etc... Preferably a .PNG 2) You will need to locate your NMRIH data for steam. Right click on NMRIH on your steam library and go to 'Proporties' > 'Local Files' > 'Browse local files' > 'nmrih' then copy the file 'nmrih_dir.vpk' and paste into a folder on your desktop. 3) Get Python 2.7 (run 'sudo apt-get install python' in the terminal) then make a .py file in that folder with 'nmrih_dir.vpk' and paste the code from https://www.dropbox.com/home?preview=reader.py in that file or download it. Just get it into that folder. Then right click in that folder and select 'open terminal here' and run 'python reader.py' then let it unpack it. 4) Go to http://tfsprays.com/ and load your picture and press 'Spray!' This will turn your pic into a VTF file. What we need. Download the '.vtf' file and place in the folder we made. 5) Go to your unpacked folder named 'vpk_extracted' and find the 'v_fa_1911_d.vtf' and 'w_fa_1911_d.vtf' for example purposes. They might have some slur of BS behind it, like 'materials/models/weapons/fa_1911/xxxxxxxx.vtf' Unfortuatly, I cant fix that. But you now have what you need. -Congrats!! 6) Go to your NMRIH data, then 'custom' and it is you skim thought the 'readme.txt' to get some idea of what that folder is for. Now, inside that make your name for your mod, and make a folder with that name. For now, we will call it 'mod'. Inside that folder, make another called 'materials' (inside make) > 'models' > 'weapons' > 'fa_1911' then paste 'v_fa_1911_d.vtf' and 'w_fa_1911_d.vtf'. Grab that pic of yours in '.vtf' format and copy it twice. Now rename both of your pics with the 'v_fa_1911_d.vtf' and 'w_fa_1911_d.vtf' and get rid of the actual files. (Basicly replace them). 7) And launch NMRIH and create a server with the map 'isolated' (My FAV) and go upstairs and look on top of the TV. Say hello to YOUR 1911! ====================================================================== ----Sharing---- If you want to share your skin with a friend, just copy the mod folder you made that contains the files. Send it to them, and tell them to put it the 'custom' folder. Done. ====================================================================== Thanks for using my tutorial! I found this method ALL by myself. Happy modding! Sincerely, Mr.D
  4. Kirita for the graphics. Some I googled then modified. I used wine to run the GCFscape with the SP2 and WINDOWS 8. It barely worked. I also use http://tfsprays.com/ to make the files VTF then rename them to the propor names. It was a real B to setup. I used a 3rd party python made tool to extract the nmrih_dir file. It took me, no joke, 3 days to figure this out. But I kept trying and I finally got it! . This was my FIRST skin I test used: http://i.imgur.com/NJN9GkF.jpg -I was flipping out and spilt a few drinks when I saw it worked! This was FOR SURE the hardest thing I have ever done mod wise. I felt the odds were entirely against me because im a linux user. But I finally got it! There needs to be an easier way to do this! I will try to write a guide. And thank you for liking it! That means a VERY lot too me. And Cheers!
  5. Hello! I am happy to show you the skin pack I made! 5+ Skins! Dropbox Download 3MB: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mjncoku7vfoi7pc/Mr%20Dubsteps%20Skin%20Pack.zip?dl=0 Pics on Imgur: http://imgur.com/a/tNFq8 Please read the 'README.txt' file. I hope you enjoy!
  6. I thank you a lot! But when I go into steam/steamapps/common/nmrih/nmrih/materials/models/ the only model is the parachute! I dont get it! And im not useing any fancy texturing tool, just making a 1000x1000 pic then going to http://tfsprays.com/ and making it into a vtf and using that.
  7. I want to get into making textures for guns, just simple textures. and I have the name for the 1911, (v_fa_1911_d.vtf & w_fa_1911_d.vtf) But I want to know the other names of the texture files for the other guns and weapons! I cannot find it anywhere! When I put a texture on those vtf files and throw them into the custom folder accordingly, everything works well. When I want to make a textre for the M9 I cant becauseI dont know the name of the texture file! I tried looking through the game files but couldnt find them anywhere! I am in a deep panic! Please HAAALLLPPP MEEE!! Can I get a list of the names for the weapon vtf texture files and names for dirs, or just an idea of where the files will be located. If it matters, I have a Linux Lite OS.