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  1. Good idea! Now, I've noticed that these bullseyes are like invisible zombies, which kind of freaked me out when I discovered it, and they actually attack and can infect you if you stand right next to them. Is there a way to cease that? Also while were here (this is a pretty unrelated to the zombies, it's a more generic question really), I used to map a whole lot years ago and knew much of all I needed to do to get what I wanted, and now I just can't seem to remember the steps, haha! So I have this broken light model that has an env_spark being turned on and off with a logic_timer. How do I get an actual light to turn on and off with the a logic_timer to synchronize with the sparks? I tried to write in the output to make the timer turn it on and off, but it didn't effect the light at all; it just stayed permanently on.
  2. Ah thank you, quite some insight there! So I'll go ahead and say that originally, the map I wanted to create was going to have some nazi zombie vibes with windows or stuff like that, and why I am mapping in this game is a direct result of black ops not having a publicly available map editor; I should probably get waw, I know it has a map editor. Anyways, I'll definitely incorporate the zones into the map just because; but I think I'll also mix it with those bullseye. Now I have some questions about the bullseye. Can they be made a non solid? I noticed that I can't walk through where I've placed some down. Can the bullseye be spawned at the start of a new round somehow; and also can they be spawned by a trigger that the zombies walk through?
  3. Hi there, so I decided to make a survival map and everything was going great until I got to the actual zombie part. I'll narrow down on my specific problem and the question that I have; how do I make the zombies automatically walk or run to wherever the player is? As of right now, the zombies will only walk or run towards the player if they see him or her, that's no good and I can't seem to figure out how to solve this. Any help is greatly appreciated; I'm sure I'm just overlooking something very simple here, haha!