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  1. Great map, has you on your toes most all the time watching all sides. Good challenge, felt like a real apocalypse.
  2. Waz apparently is the one who updates those, I had asked him more than once about this as well and he said he'd get around to it but he never did. Maybe try commenting on his profile on steam about it
  3. I literally talk to this guy almost everyday. He's still quite active, he still makes stuff for NMRIH but he also works on modding other stuff too. He just made this the other day http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=12499
  4. Liking the map so far, very nice looking. Funny you still kept in map transition at start after elevator lol. One bug I've noticed so far is the gate locking the first ladder sometimes stays shut after the lock is broken off, I've tried to replicate it so far and it seems it happens sometimes if someone is on ladder while it's being opened. Had another time when someone hit lock with melee or fist I think and it happened but I think someone was still on ladder so that was probably the reason still. Anyways I'll let you know if I find anything else. Good job again and good luck on the rest
  5. Nice, can't wait to try it out. Good job and thanks.
  6. Nice man, I've been looking into doing this lately actually, got a few sounds replaced already. Definitely interested to see more and hopefully a link.
  7. Ah you took the wrong route after the gate. See there's two objectives, one being the rock clearing with the tnt (which you did) or to uncouple the wagons chain (which was just a bit further down the tunnel), and seeing as you dropped down with the tnt objective(which you can still do even if it's the wagon objective, for instance I'll do that if I'm far behind other players who are ahead of me to catch up faster) you were stuck down there without being able to get back to the wagon to uncouple it. I'm sure you'll get it next time though. Ever need any help on maps feel free to leave a comment on steam, I go by the same name. Or find me in game, I admin on quite a few servers so I hop around a lot and also just hop on random servers quite often. Servers I admin on include Zans servers (one objective only and the other mixed) The server called ??? (classic/realism/nightmare) Vertigo gaming servers. Lowkey. And the 1upz servers both nightmare and realism.
  8. Was it the same exact puzzle as uguu was? Yesterday I almost got it a few times. But every time I was at the end we would get overrun because we'd be out of boards and ammo. Need you back in the lobby to do that bb. I am but a simple stoner, flipping switches is not what I was meant to do.
  9. Please do. I'd love to have more great maps.
  10. Just cause you said that I'm gonna solo crouch no kills while spinning this shit. Also I don't have any hands. Lets just address that elephant in the room right now. Glad to see it's finally out, ready to try this spooky shit. Also are we fighting helicopters again?
  11. Looking badass man. Keep at it, I know you're still in the mapping stage but what have you thought of it difficulty wise? Like how many zombies and what not? Just seems like there's way too many easy nms out there. But regardless its looking good man. Can't wait to see more