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    Zombies, hardcore co-op games... You can see why I love nmrih
  1. The devs have explained multiple times that that isn't really what they're going for here. The classes are nothing more than a model and gameplay is nothing more than what you make of it. I think maybe this could be alright if the differences were so minute that only very experienced players could discern them. But that's a little pointless.
  2. I love the idea of an open-world survival game that uses NMRiH's melee combat system and wall of slow-moving but still individually threatening zombies. But that's not what Source Engine is for.
  3. One foreseeable problem with the backpack is the fact that the additional weight would be a drag. If just having the backpack on doesn't make your stamina skyrocket for some reason, pretty soon you would be walking so slowly nobody in your team would bother waiting up. Maybe if the backpack held objective items so that you could use your gun while carrying it...? Like, you grab the gas can and still have to walk to the generator, but the gas would be in your backpack. Upon arriving at the gennie, you open the backpack slot in your inventory and suddenly you are carrying the gas can the way we're used to. Objective complete, you didn't get eaten because you had your gun out or something.
  4. I don't think these zombies would really fit the game very well. It seems to me that the zombies that the team is going for would not be intelligent enough to use a weapon. It's really just personal preference, but when I play I try to emulate the Max Brooks style zombie. If they increase the diversity of zombie threats that much, maybe it would be wise to include an option to limit what kind of zombies spawn so people who prefer a specific playstyle are not left dissatisfied with the game.
  5. It's Blockland. There's a gamemode called disease. http://forum.blockland.us/index.php?topic=253298.0 It's hella fun and I wanted to contribute.
  6. I've come across a brilliant idea in a different came which allows add-ons, and I want to contribute to it by making some .ogg or .wav files for them. I thought it would be just dandy to include the audio when a survival map is starting ("Break break, this is a USNG emergency broadcast..." "Break break this is the United States national guard..." "This is Hurricane 8-8..."). I haven't been able to find them exploring NMRiH's files on my computer and i'm assuming it's on purpose to prevent what I'm trying to do from happening anyway. I was wondering about royalties and ownership in NMRiH's audio, and if it would be possible to get those sounds for myself since I love your game's ambiance so much.