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  1. I just read the back and forth here. I have learned a lot, and I would like to thank everyone for hat they have to offer. I also noted that the world of No More Room in Hell was not really considered in the discussion of the maps. I have played Hellgate, one of my favorite levels, and I love Campblood. Both of them are a stretch in the context of where this games seems to have gotten its inspiration, but they are amazing, and fun, and creepy. They are well made levels, and reflect excellent design and story, even if it is outside the "canon" of Romero's work. I started playing this game three weeks ago, mainly to do something geeky with the girlfriend, and now we are invested. We are both discussing learning map map making story lines, new character development, I.e ways to make this game stronger, not because it is weak but there is always something that can be added. That al being said: I find it interesting that the OP complains about zombies who line up and slowly come form single points, because well, according to "canon" that is kinda what they do. They are mindless eating machines lining up to take a bite out of the protagonists. The running zombie thing is relatively new to the the whole zombie world, I think because we as an audience realized what not to do and how to make zombies into rotting piles of of static meat. And so it goes with this game. After playing a few maps more than I would like to admit, mowing down far too many young zombies and dying at the hands of these undead fiends; I started looking at the patterns and play of the maps. what I have noticed is a need for the exact Fixes that Zombie has mentioned. Instead of throwing out the baby with the bath water, reork existing maps, and we try the following: 1. Inserting dynamic spawning points. I am not a coder, but is there a way to create a dynamic spawning point that moves around the map with a randomizer? Or is this already an option? 2. Larger waves! We just read that 256 zombies is the maximum zombie spawn per wave. Is there a wave to increase that wave OR 3. Create waves with fluctuating number. Instead of every wave ever increasing, is there a way to modulate the numbers, to give the feeling of uncertainty... 4. Which means perhaps hiding the Remaining Number of Zombies counter in the beginning in order to create a bit of fear. Perhaps when there are say a dozen left remainder counter can appear so the PC's can hunt them down and trigger the next wave. 5. A progressive spawning system, where as you move forward towards an objective , and to help new or uniformed players after an area is cleared, no more zombies will spawn forcing players to move forward. We have noticed Zombies will continue to spawn outside of the waves leaving some newer players confused as to where to move on to next. 6. For the story nerds among us is there a way to create a series of interlinked maps that share a common story, that brings players form map to map trying to reach an overall goal while working on smaller objectives and surviving the hordes. 7/ And Finally is there a way to perhaps explain more of the NMRIH origin to players, because seriously, It is sad how many players we meet that have no idea who "Barbara" is. I digress.
  2. This is awesome. Thank you for your work.
  3. Thanks, I actually did that AFTER writing this, just to see if it would work. HOLY CRAP it did. I am now really curious about mapmaking myself, but as a Mac client finding the Hammer Editor is going to be a pain in ma' keister. Thanks again. You are fast.
  4. I am repeatedly getting the map not found error. Is there a patch r download for maps I may not have downloaded? Thanks in advance.