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  1. 1- I didn't mean to offend. I edited my first post and added a "possibly" to make it less direct. 2- You're right. I just tested with SteamTools and it works; while it doesn't for SteamWorks :$ 3- I'd disagree with XML being more fool-proof, as you have to redownload if someone was recently added to a group; which is to be expected. I apologize for the inconvenience, Red
  2. Hey, I'm using SteamWorks for a Sourcemod plugin to check Steam groups. While trying to check support for NMRiH, I notice that you seem to check if a client is in your official Steam group upon joining a server. This seems to swallow further call to SteamWorks when the game server wants to check if a client belongs to a Steam group. Even your own group (i.e. manually checking 4458555 doesn't get triggered in my plugin's callback ). My questions : 1- Are developpers aware that they are possibly preventing further SteamGroups checks from being done ? (due to your request handler) 2- Is there a way to disable Steam groups handling in NMRiH ? (i.e. ConVar) 3- Do you plan on implementing a way to disable Steam groups handling in NMRiH or a work around this ? (In a way that can solve this problem) I could do a work-around by using HTTP requests; but I'm asking you for future users who may also have the same problem. (as well as a part of me being lazy ) For a sample of code that shows what I'm talking about (I can't seem to find how to upload attachments so I'll let you compile) : (Sorry for the formating, but your "code" tag added a shitload of <div></div> in the preview; and no tab can be placed... ). You should be able to test that plugin in non NMRiH server by doing "nmrihswbug_test 4458555" in console and see it work correctly (i.e. in CSS). You'll also need https://github.com/KyleSanderson/SteamWorks/blob/master/Pawn/includes/SteamWorks.inc'>SteamWorks.inc to compile the code (and SteamWorks SM extension to test it). Just put .inc in the sourcemod/scripting/include/ folder, the code in a file.sp in sourcemod/scripting/ and drag & drop that file.sp on spcompile.exe and move the generated file to the sourcemod/plugin/ folder. Red EDIT : Can't edit title :'( ; I would have liked to mention Sourcemod