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  1. If anything, additional cosmetic diversity of the zombie population and their animation would be nice.
  2. They really should add some variation to the weaponry mix even if it maybe just cosmetic.
  3. I guess one could just designate that as the pistol spot at times when it is allowed, but obviously last weapon used may not be a pistol. I was thinking that the game could introduce a level of organization that the characters would have while making inventory management still a factor. At the least, the user interface could be friendlier and more intuitive.
  4. sorry i am rather new to this forum and forums in general.
  5. Hi, everyone I know I am late to the party in the forum, but better late than never. I just want to say that I love the game, and that I feel like it is one of those games the each genre deserves. I'd like to thank those responsible for polishing the game and expanding it to create a more fulfilling NMRIH experience. I will be posting and taking part in the community as constructively as I can.
  6. For realism sake, there should be an option of holstering a pistol in the belt or whatever so that it becomes a secondary weapon that players can pull out a bit faster than selecting it manually.
  7. I think the devs definitely need to be the tastemakers for quality assurance when it comes to the contents. My first impression of this thread was that it was rather unwieldy. I just feel like there should be another method of delivering inputs and suggestions in an efficient manner in this particular topic of weapons suggestions. While everything in the end is up to the discretion of the devs and whomever it may concern, when it comes to the communication, it could be more streamlined.
  8. I think zombie spawns should be more tactful. It does break the immersion quite a bit when you know a group of zombies suddenly appear like they respawned. Also, since ammunition and health are limited, and zombies do not drop loot (i think), wouldn't adding sparse amount of zombies in already explored empty rooms slow the game with no real benefit in an already slow paced game?
  9. I feel like the major realism incompatibility is the recoil the in game character has to overcome. a 9mm glock or a 45 acp in 1911a1 would throw off the iron sight much more than what the game does. Also the bolt action rifles in the game when scoped and shot does not show much vertical movement than one might expect. i think STALKER series handled the vertical recoil pretty well with pistols and some rifles. However, i have not shot all of the guns in the game or mentioned above in real life. I only have experience with a glock 18 9mm and 22lr rounds. All i want to say is that the vertical climb of the sight in pistols especially would be greater than depicted in game, and the recoils of the calibers of ammunition in game do not line up the way they would in real life.
  10. As for lone wolfing, I feel like the game already has a great natural selective pressure against it. head lamps (unique animation for putting it on and operating it would be nice) chem lights flares I for one am all for these objects making their way in the game and appropriate levels.
  11. I just want to second the idea of not having items scatter out of a person when he or she dies because it breaks immersion. I feel like NMRIN being what it is, immersion is definitely one of its strong suits over other zombie games.
  12. varying cosmetic wear on items in games would definitely heighten the richness of the experience. I know guns are just guns in NMRIN and "tacticool" objects are not what the game wants you to play with like other fps games, but I think there could be some lore behind the object at certain situations. For example, a player can come across items like pistols, knives, and rifles that had some sentimental value to a now deceased person in game and those emotions can be displayed through cosmetic effects on the items and not just their still surroundings. Well the point is that every colt 1911 model looking the same and beretta looking the same kinda breaks mood. It looks a bit tacky when items are cosmetically static.
  13. If backpacks are too much, how about gun holsters and knife holsters? I feel like they deserve a place somewhere. It would be nice to make knives more usable, or there could just be a ka bar style knife that comes with a knife holster that a player can wear without it taking up the space.
  14. I feel like the increased FOV can make the experience more cinematic almost and more immersive. As for the mechanics of the game, I think there would be another dimension to consider when creating levels due to the increased FOV. For example, in Payday 2 i noticed the gameplay changing quite a bit when I increased the FOV.
  15. I see a lot of people throwing suggestions here as expected, but would it not be more efficient if there was a polling site member of this forum could directly vote in? Excuse me if this idea has already been discussed. I am a complete newbie to this website, but i have been quite aware of the game for some time.