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  1. Holy Crap, I was just 1 leak the system somehow or me missed. Thanks a lot guys! I really appreciate your help!
  2. Okay then, I'll check again when I can get back on, Maybe I missed a leak...
  3. Well it has this Hall of Mirrors effect and it's completely black. It's on my map but I haven't been able to get on my computer outside of computer science, but on Sunday I can upload it.
  4. Whenever I load up my map, My skybox doesn't load properly, and so the cubemaps have an error causing the shader to break, I changed the skybox and it still has the problem, I'm not sure what's going on, so I was hoping that someone here has some experience. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the input! I'll try uploading it to gamebanana, needed to register anyways
  6. I fixed it, I wish i could post some screenshots, but they aren't loading or giving me this error: "must be a post" even though it is. Anyways I got the fences around the house up and optimized the map a little.
  7. I was wondering how you guys got together to make this game and how others (including myself) can do the same, So how do I and others make teams for mod/game development?
  8. He's right, there have been times when I've hit something with a fubar and it does a back-flip, It is very satisfying though. Also wouldn't it be hard to make the zombies accurately know where the body is? they could get stuck and stuff could go crazy
  9. Yeah, I'll work on that! I wanted it to be open but it is a little too open, I've been looking for a way to fix that. Thank you! I appreciate your input because of your great experience with mapping! (I really liked silence's detail BTW)
  10. Perhaps that the zombies will regenerate health or get a boost when having eaten the body?
  11. Thanks! I really appreciate that! I fixed the screenshots, they're working now.
  12. I like this idea, it would help with hordes overwhelming the zones and stuff, But the only problem is the simple fact that someone could just kill themselves and the team could rush through the map and win, occasionally sacrificing along the way
  13. First off, This may be my first map, but I want you guys to be rude if necessary! INFORMATION Simple House survival is what it is... A house on a hill with zombies crawling up, now the weather may get in the way a little But overall, the strategy is to keep the house clean of any zombies by any means possible! DOWNLOAD GAMEBANANA CURRENT VERSION: A2 Tell me if you have ANY issues at deadondev@gmail.com! I also need testers, email me or PM! Question: What would you guys like to see in this map?
  14. I really don't know a lot about modeling and source (Except the maps), But I do have to wonder, "Why haven't they added the L4D2 randomizer? It would involve cutting the head and legs off, and making the clothes white (That's how it runs, I believe) Yes I know, they don't have a modeler, but it's interesting to think about the simplicity that could be used instead of over 9000 models. Perhaps there's a TM problem?
  15. Hello and welcome to an EXTREMELY SIMPLE TUTORIAL Here are some questions you might have: 1. How do i make them? 2. What are the recommended settings? 3. Does it really matter how much damage and how long the gas cans last? Well I'll tell you, It's actually Quite simple, Just place a Prop_physics_multiplayer, Find the red gas can model (Not sure if color matters) Then Voila! A Canister of Gas is finished! *Magical twinkly noise*