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  1. Nmo_shelter_test_Versions I've been mapping for some time now, about 2 years i'd say which is mainly me just playing around with the tools in hammer. It was actually never my intention to submit a complete community map, as i just saw it as a tool to play around with. After some struggle of real life problems like school and other silly stuff, i've decided to get you guys updated upon my progress of my latest maps. I had played around with 5 other map kinda designs, but i wasn't really satisfied with any of them or how they would've turned out, which lead me to being stuck and not achieving any progress at all. So after 5 scraplings (copat, atex, shelter (first attempt), shelter (second attempt), shelter (final attempt) i hope i will finally be able to release this one as i really put a lot of time in it to get it done. A more detailled topic will follow soon i hope
  2. it doesn't count when sv_cheats 1 is on, also goes for almost any source game out there, unless you start working with plugins like unlimited ammo (which i strongly discourage)
  3. Maybe an idea, but you could like add a sewer into the map to add in another objective or like a sidepath objective (toxic gas that can be pumped by using a wheel)
  4. hi friend 


  5. CZECH gun replacement by AK47 Gold or Silver AK-47 Silver: AK-47 Gold: Molotov replaced by Tabasco, but make it like Batasco or cabasto or some stuff alike Tabasco:
  6. nmo_resident_evil_revelations, nmo_ravenholm, nmo_harvest, nmo_in_the_dark_V2, emergency 1101, emergency 1908 (since both of these versions are very different according to gameplay) nmo_corpsington and nmo_anxiety are missing as far as i'm concerned.
  7. That's not even a track.... , you could say aswell that the voice lines are also "tracks". You're not on the right track i think. The ones that you're referring to is either the end of the round at a survival map or the voice line in nms_midwest made by Billionlioe, if i'm not mistaken.
  8. You can't have all runners if he reprograms the train to have Spawns been put into the game thru maths and shit (handpicked spawning, no passive spawning)
  9. I don't want to be rude, but i'd say it's better to keep ur updates and different map files not so clumsy and piled up. While it may seem smart and relevant to update ur map a lot, it may also show signs of clumsiness and people will get frustrated over the fact that you have like "10" versions, unless u plan to have like 10 iterations of the same. (PS: you can prove me wrong though ;d) Edit: I would also work with a1 - a5 and v1 - V5 (unless you need like more versions then you can begin with a1 - a5, b1 - b5 and v1 - V5 (it's a lot better than v1 - V15 for example)
  10. Try to add in some more displacements the map will look so much cooler on its own, overall i think it's a cool concept, would look better if it was less squarewise
  11. Get a screen up (F12) and post it here (steam directory folder -> userdata -> 257..... -> 760 -> remote -> 224... -> screenshots -> bottom of the list are the "fresh" ones
  12. All i can say
  13. You can't spawn something that's not in the actual patch, just as u can't spawn antlion guards or Headcrabs, cause it's not in the game.
  14. You have that cool vibe i like, keep working at that pace. You already know i'm enthusiastic that you will be likely to push this out some day. I see a lot of potential in you