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  1. It is fine, aslong as you provide me some useful feedback onto my maps, although next time i would appreciate it if you would send me a private message instead and don't get the forums involved into this (especially not my blog kind of thing :s) Edit: might have also been a bad translation to be fair, but i simply read map's terrible so there's that. I'd hope to get Parish updated after the 26th of January
  2. I'll be making some adjustments to parish as of how it's formed and reconstruct how it was built up, changing the overall layout and gameplay. Basically i want to remove the first tunnels and the last lab section since they don't really blend in well with the map and diversify the objectives a lot. I also want to somehow connect parish with shelter series, so i'll probably have it as the 2nd part. I also want to make a map consistent of old Shelter and Atex and make it a standalone map on its own combined with durk his map of nmo_rostock_halloween. That's all i wanted to keep you guys updating since i've seen a lot of backlash of people who don't like nmo_parish_a2 (the map which i finished off in a week just for Christmas). Just wanted to keep this updated as i'm not dead, but kinda busy atm trying to finish my midterm.
  3. That screenshot doesn't work for me Edit: for better screenshots try r_Drawviewmodel 0 (with sv_cheats 1 on obviously)
  4. Hey, i'm no official dev team member or something, but you'd have a fair chance in submitting this map. But you'd have to work slightly a bit more on it i think. Wish you the best luck if you do and if you won't oh well, atleast u made a cool map. P.S.: i'll leave some more comments on this after i got the proper chance to playtest it. Edit: I could put your map on Gamebanana, if you want to, unless you want it to stay on the forums. You'll have more people noticing ur map there afaik, i think you definitely deserve a spot. But then again you could always make an account yourself :).
  5. Most of it works now, except for the skybox and some missing tree props
  6. Last and latest screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/sEikN
  7. Looks amazing for a first map, i'll probably try this in a month or so when i got some more time, but looks rather promising i'd say
  8. Changelog (Official version): * Improved lighting a lot * Added soundscapes (by Atheist) * Improved performance * Made objectives (especially first one less confusing) * Removed baby spawn * Removed code for flag thing * For the compensation of removing those two i added another secret (go and find it) * Added 2 new rooms at the outdoor section * Added a lot of displacements * rebalanced the difficulty in certain parts to make the difficulty more flat / evened out as you progress * Removed a lot of bad shadowing * Added a jukebox sound at the arena for tension * Removed the push entity for the arena (since camping above would be proven very silly in casual and camping there now is rather unpleasant as you can't really board it up + zombies can stalk you near the upside part) * Remade some sprites * Remade the beginning (changed a lot of the layout at start on how it plays and made it more logical) *.... there's a lot more, i might have missed it, but i worked a lot of it to make it seemingly more different as the other version, but it should be fun neithertheless Hope you'll enjoy the map (you'll have to wait for official version to kick in or you could try the nmrih official beta, check steam announcements) * Removed all the jewish stars (ugh ugh thought they were pentagrams as of previous, didn't really work out that well) * Added an outdoor section at start to make the area look like it's bigger and not boxed in *The first underground tunnels are immensely improved now (added vents, reworked elevator immensely, reworked the way you could get to secret and put more use to holding the welder) *Detail was added
  9. Final version, nmo_fersmas (i'm not updating this map anymore, but feel free to put ur complaints down here if you have some suggestions for future projects, similar kind of maps, suggestions, etc,...)
  10. Updated to Alpha version 2, see changelog
  11. Concept The concept of this map is based off older vmfs and has certain scrapped elements and areas from other maps including the earliest versions of Atex, Shelter and Copat, this map is supposed to be filled with leftovers from other maps but aspire a decent looking quality map that is supposed to be running smoothly. Screenshots https://imgur.com/a/S2PxI Download The download button can be found on the gamebanana page 7zipped, for every individual file you can always ask me on discord (Nmrih Discord, if you happened to download the bsp but not the nav nor obj) Download onto this site: https://gamebanana.com/maps/198207 Put it under Steam / Steamapps / Common / Nmrih / Nmrih / Maps Should have a bsp, nav and obj file in there in order to work properly Current version Current version is alpha version 2 , because i had put it first on "???" servers, but because of it had broken cubemaps i couldn't be forced to upload it onto gamebanana so i waited a while untill i was satisfied and certain that it would work, also i couldn't just keep it to a1, since some people don't know how to delete files :>. Known issues * Map does not have a proper ending yet and objectives aren't yet diversified as of today 23/12/2017, you can get extracted though
  12. Concept This map is based off arena mode from nmo_shelter, nmo_hellgate and nmo_urbanhazard. The only difference being that this one is themed for Christmas and i'm just waiting for people for their complaints about the map and what could improve, there are currently 7 objectives Screenshots https://imgur.com/a/HPZk0 https://imgur.com/a/s4BBQ Download The download button can be found on the gamebanana page 7zipped, for every individual file you can always ask me on discord (Nmrih Discord, if you happened to download the bsp but not the nav nor obj) Download onto this site: https://gamebanana.com/maps/198206 Put it under Steam / Steamapps / Common / Nmrih / Nmrih / Maps Should have a bsp, nav and obj file in there in order to work properly Current Version Final version Changelog Alpha version 2: * Fixed the cubemaps * tweaked the difficulty a bit * Fixed extraction not working properly Final version: * Removed the ugly glass * Put the spawns of guns up in the air * Removed med crate * Fixed a displacement visual bug * Fixed some "gaps"
  13. Hey little kid, i got some updates for you, don't tell anyone Nmo_fersified_a1: Special X-MAS map released for X-MAS, feel free to put feedback for the map on upcoming thread. This map is based around the arena mode, arena areas of nmo_shelter, nmo_hellgate and nmo_urbanhazard where you have to hold out for a certain period of time. The only difference is that this map is only Arena and you're forced to survive through a hard and sweaty fight against all zombies. There are 6 objectives and there's 1 extraction point, 3 waves objectives, 1 starting objective, 1 ending objective, 1 checkpoint objective after wave 2 (kids). Special thanks for testing goes to Holy Crap. This might actually be the final version and it might stay untouched for a long while. (possibly till next christmas) https://imgur.com/a/HPZk0 https://imgur.com/a/s4BBQ 2nd map (not) for Christmas is a thing that had been laying around on my pc for a while and i do intend to finish it with different routes and 2 different endings and 3 end areas. This map is supposed to be entertaining and fun and i want this map to stay a custom one, because i think it might be to confusing for the most regular players as there will be crazy stuff going on in this map, the map is still in development so be warned ! There are yet still plenty of objectives to come, but this is just a representation of how the map would play and feel like. https://imgur.com/a/S2PxI
  14. another Snake pake coming your way: https://imgur.com/a/wRDhK
  15. Any screens, i don't want to dl something i'm uncertain of with how it looks or feels,no hate though. I just want to see what it looks like, before i decide to mash that install button