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  1. Try to add in some more displacements the map will look so much cooler on its own, overall i think it's a cool concept, would look better if it was less squarewise
  2. Get a screen up (F12) and post it here (steam directory folder -> userdata -> 257..... -> 760 -> remote -> 224... -> screenshots -> bottom of the list are the "fresh" ones
  3. All i can say
  4. You can't spawn something that's not in the actual patch, just as u can't spawn antlion guards or Headcrabs, cause it's not in the game.
  5. You have that cool vibe i like, keep working at that pace. You already know i'm enthusiastic that you will be likely to push this out some day. I see a lot of potential in you
  6. Your suggestions are "special"
  7. It felt short and monotone to me. I'd say it was a nice effort after all, just wished u would've put more different sounds in it then the casual spit and mumble of a zombie.
  8. It's basically an abbreviation for depth of field, it has the same effect as someone that sees shitty with no glasses on (very very bad sight)
  9. It's normal .... The audio isn't looping anymore like some patches ago. It just stops sometimes, the same goes for certain zombie noises.
  10. Have you changed ur settings by accident ? That looks like fov or the latest in depth Advanced options changes (Field Of View, Film Grain, etc)
  11. So basically whenever i try to add nav_mark_walkables and use nav_generate after that, using nav_Save after that the area would load but my map is not connected all along since it has vents drop offs, ladders and such. The moment i add a new nav area the old nav area that i just Generated will disappear and the new one will be there. Got like 6 big seperate nav areas i'd like to join up but it won't budge. Could anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong ? Edit: Got it working by using nav_generate_incremental
  12. Why would you already tell it's garbage making people not want to see it or click it. You should definitely change the title to something more appealing :l
  13. Yeah much likely, but it'll also be more unique to watch if you put in like more short compilations. It's kinda harsh to tell if you're trying to show us a compilation of ur best bits or just some Cuts from footage (don't get me wrong but compilations is kinda the same but i mean like showing 7 - 20 seconds clips rather then showing some assembled footage). You could also try to spice it up by playing with more people (not advertising myself here obviously), it would definitely make the video 2 times as good. I'd say ur editing could be a little bit more efficient. I did like the video though, but it just felt a little bit long for a compilation :l (only showing 2 maps honestly).
  14. thx for letting my eyes burn i guess.
  15. In Notld you'll have to climb the back of the truck and hop into it. Location is also below (it's located at the back of the house) Edit : I really think the firepit is the key to find the extraction point most of the times As for flooded i think there used to be 2 spots but not certain about that. The most common spot is the one at back of truck though (located at firepit)