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  1. - (need to be worked on) * suggestion -Zombies tend to get stuck on ceiling from time to time (when they drop from there) * Add a breaking noise at the part where u have to jump over a way to high gap (and pls make something so players don't die instantly instead of them dying (or add a respawn ahead to make it easier for the player to escape) * Needs more visual NPA (non playable areas) in the map to limit the feel of the map being boxed in (big windows at stairs (could be barricaded or you could put the setting of the skybox at night or make it that the sun doesn't shine onto the windows but is facing the other direction meaning if the sun were to be there it would shine the same direction as the window is pointed at and you would barricade the other side if there were an area which didn't have that *Might have suggested this earlier, but ur map would really stand out with a 3D skybox (you don't really have to see the streets, just make sure that people can identify that this is indeed an appartment block *Remove the rocks barricading some of the parts as it seems a bit unnatural and wonky how such big rocks would get there in the first place and maybe do something in a similar fashion as in Cabin where u would use a wooden table or a metal table so to say to barricade the place up (Use like some wooden boards or use some tables to barricade the other side and make like a door inbetween it instead of a open hallway so it doesn't feel like ur not really accomplishing a lot *Add sprinklers at the fire part (close to the elevator or a way to put the fire off e.g= You have to use e on a crank and the fire will go off (think about nmo_broadway (where u have to use the sprinklers), same kind of fashion). It's a decent shortcut and it doesn't unnecessarily makes the map longer whereas it could've made the map shorter most of the times Seeing the nature as some parts can be very frustrating (the breaking plank at sewer, the death pits, the zombies spawning into sight or behind you does make the map very unpleasant for a huge part of the active player base), could help if you either make a way around where a player can complete the parkour and the other players can unlock the shortcut, let's say someone gets over a certain part, so you can remove the barricades from a certain door and Unlock it for the players Also keep up the great work, but also don't make the updates come to quick as some players might experience that as nothing really changing, make sure u really notify the players or make notable changes so people know u put some decent effort to it, the last thing i want to see is that this map reaches over 10 alpha versions (instead of using nmo_vertigo_v4 next maybe use v3b to indicate small changes,just a suggestion though or just make the updates come out a little less speedy).
  2. Also try imgur for all ur screens (works better and it's completely free and easy to use) Also you'd have to put the elevator gate a bit more in the wall so it doesn't align with the other brush texture Elevator also could use a metal fence to make it look cooler and pls clip the front of that elevator it interacts very weirdly :l, just some second thoughts Also about the heaven zeds (aside from the one spawning onto you), there's also zombies spawning inside of you on different parts, i do like the zombies coming from the ceiling though, but sometimes it can be a bit trollish, so either move the trigger a bit back (from the player's perspective) or have like decals or overlays indicating that it doesn't look that stable I suggest you to actually make like sidespawns instead of making them spawn inside of the players, overall i thought it was a great and challenging map, just wished there was another respawn for the players, since game can take a long while (i've seen 1 respawn, but map could easily take 2 respawns) I got to the welder objective whilst playing with 6 other people, my main issue with the map is the small corridors and people bumping into eachother, but then again i don't know how you would fix that, as that's an issue that occurs in almost every map except for the ones that you can easily rush thru Edit: Suggestion: *put a save on the extinguisher thing *Make the death pit (with the small thing surface and kinda rework it, so you can drop down from the levels (which are burning) Also the last part is kinda hard to get to the roof, because of unlimited runners, maybe instead of having the runners spawn in when you are about to go up, make the runners spawn when you pass the exit of the roof, but put it a bit more forward so it only triggers when players get to a certain point (no clue how long you actually have to hold that, since i died there, it was almost impossible getting out of that building, instead make like a way to get up there or atleast make it so we have another escape route, i'll give this map a solid 7/10 since i think it could be slightly better with minor effort put into it
  3. Ok so some first thoughts on this map, i'll put my pros first: + cool map idea + cool atmosphere + Nice hard difficulty + Logical objectives + Good brushwork + Lighting / darkness was ok, eventhough soloing might become a bit annoying without a flashlight (so 1 would be cool atleast) - I feel like a lot of the clips were unnnecessarily made (like spots were zombies could easily attack you, but i feel like they shouldn't have been clipped) - There was a lot of backtracking with the key (which made certain parts a lot longer, could be cool if you could extinguish the elevator and take a shortcut there - The light on the 2nd or third floor had a very nasty pulse to it ( it flickered way to fast, maybe add some electricity sparks onto that) Some suggestions: * A 3D skybox could serve well ( similar to the style of Mirror's edge / GTA V / Watch Dogs [if you mix that together obviously] ) * Some easter eggs (ya boy likes easter eggs, example: having to weld an area to get extra guns like a ruger), i dunno maybe i missed some, only some first thoughts * The hallway could look a lot cooler with some railings on the side to it or some emergency materials to it (i liked the window neithertheless, but it could feel a lot more like appartments) * Clipping the stairs is a must have (it's the part i died at) I didn't really get that far, but i think the map looks cool and i think you could make it look a lot cooler, seeing that you don't go the same route as panel and you have a lot of style and thought behind it
  4. Main ideas for improvements atm in the sewer
  5. Right mouse button but you gotta aim carefully in the middle
  6. Huehue thank you :à, yeah i need to work a lot on balancing lighting out
  7. No since there's a lot of old crap that i want to fix (Crappy small stairs, some weird created displacements and my lighting isn't on point, objectives need to be more clear, brushwork detail, etc.) Well most people would see this as finished, but i do have some plans on making an additional area that's based off these art design things: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/42/12/b0/4212b0b09f0fa456904def230ea58be3.jpghttps://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/3f/e3/bc/3fe3bcec070b23238d152453a6c2960b.jpg and this mainly
  8. I'm not really that much of a fan of pvp maps (because the player hitboxes are kinda shoddy and shakey), but i love the variety in the pvp elements, maybe add in like a random tense event to make it a little bit more interesting
  9. No no i'm not going to make an update just for the lighting huehue, still love you also nice work
  10. http://imgur.com/a/oGs8q
  11. Nmo_shelter_test_Versions I've been mapping for some time now, about 2 years i'd say which is mainly me just playing around with the tools in hammer. It was actually never my intention to submit a complete community map, as i just saw it as a tool to play around with. After some struggle of real life problems like school and other silly stuff, i've decided to get you guys updated upon my progress of my latest maps. I had played around with 5 other map kinda designs, but i wasn't really satisfied with any of them or how they would've turned out, which lead me to being stuck and not achieving any progress at all. So after 5 scraplings (copat, atex, shelter (first attempt), shelter (second attempt), shelter (final attempt) i hope i will finally be able to release this one as i really put a lot of time in it to get it done. A more detailled topic will follow soon i hope
  12. it doesn't count when sv_cheats 1 is on, also goes for almost any source game out there, unless you start working with plugins like unlimited ammo (which i strongly discourage)