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  1. With the information I've gathered from the past, this was the team's original wish for the supply pvp mode: Players in teams of 4 are pitted against each other to capture supplies and return it to their zone. Adversaries include enemy survivors, zombies, bandits, and national guardsmen. They have a lot of content to focus on so the other gamemodes aren't going to be made at least as of now.
  2. I love DICE and I love Battlefield. Just as v1.09.4 rolled out for NMRIH, the dudes over at DICE/EA decided to unveil a new Star Wars Battlefront trailer today. Visuals look great of course and we see the return of some iconic characters. Things that may concern some players: - No space battles - No prequel trilogy era (for the most part?) - No single player campaign How do you guys and girls feel about what's been unveiled thus far? I do feel a bit underwhelmed because there are no space battles. I don't know if DICE actually thought it wasn't that important or they just didn't have enough time to implement it properly. I feel like the prequel era was too much to cram in such a short period of time, so it makes sense that it would be saved possibly for a future time.
  3. Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to look at my profile. I'm the attack helicopter that destroyed the bridge checkpoint in the NMRIH universe. (I would suggest taking a look at the "NG radio intercept" for more details)

  4. Thank you very much for your hard work dev team, and thank you to all the people who helped submit bug reports on GH! We are getting closer to seeing pvp and bandits as each day passes. So exciting! Then after that... NG's in v1.11?
  5. Here's a left to right comparison (Scorpion W2 on the left, Multicam on the right) http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-8-EFS5X8_H4/U9z71xwp8JI/AAAAAAAABcQ/sRysQOpQtSg/s1600/Scorpion+V.+OCP.jpg It's very similar to Multicam!
  6. Very happy you discovered this game and liked it! "Land of the Dead" the game was very interesting, although it was mediocre in terms of graphics and level design I liked it too. The weapon/zombie sounds and animations are memorable. I never thought of putting it by NMRiH, but now that you mention it I can see how the latter reminds you of the former. The models have this charm to them. The soldier zombie looks like a pilot zombie! The guide Rock posted is fundamental and a should-read. Here are some tips from me. - Start out using the pipe, machete, or crowbar to become familiar with how melee works. Also, like stated above remember to shove right after attacking. - Don't be intimidated by large shambler hordes in objective maps. Find gaps, stay calm and "power walk" (short sprint bursts) your way through them. Hit/shove what you need to and nothing more. - Crouch when engaging zombie kids. - Befriend nice guys and/or girls in-game and play with them semi-regularly to establish a team bond. Having someone to count on and someone who can count on you is wonderful. - Communicate with your team; if you need something don't be afraid to ask. Worst thing that should happen is that no one says anything. - Take advantage of gas cans to set hordes ablaze, but be ready for the hot runners. - Don't feel discouraged if you aren't successful in completing a map. You'll eventually make it! - (This one is highly recommended) Keep in touch with the forums and news updates to see what's happening with the community and any future updates that are around the corner.
  7. Thank you very much everyone for your answers, currently the amount of hype coursing through my veins is equivalent to the amount that I got when I saw the Battlefield 3 Caspian Border trailer in August 2011. Yep Maxx you got it! Thanks for taking the time to create it. Like you, I too dream of a day where we have a movie or mini-series that's basically Black Hawk Down with zombies. Follow a squad of like maybe eight soldiers as they fight their way out of a zombie infested city (during the "Great Panic" of the zombie conflict) after their UH-60 chopper suffers from mechanical failure and goes down. You get to see law enforcement, civilians, and bandits amidst the chaos. The radio intercept is like the closest thing we're going to get to that until the movie/mini-series exists I feel. I always assumed that Architect 3-5 was an Apache helicopter, but if I'm wrong correct me lol. I'd love to see you do another one in the future that is from the Marines' perspective as they conduct a successful sector sweep, clearing their area of survivors and zombies. Would be a nice tease prior to their release. Lastly I wanted to share something I found to be amusing. I was playing with a friend (we're both Asian-American) on nmo_chinatown. He asked why there weren't any Asian zombies and when Asian National Guardsmen would be in the game. I told him the team would do it when Half-Life 3 gets released. If HL3 gets released really soon please don't eat me!
  8. Are Marines still planned for a future release? If so, will they come before or after cops (assuming that cops come after NG). I'm guessing that the team is lacking the resources and/or has other priorities right now. I hope that this is still on the "eventually we'll get to it when it's possible" list. A while ago SickJoe came up with a visual concept for the US Marines that would be sent in to wipe out anyone that wasn't with the US military. I liked that he tried to create a Marine that would look like an intimidating insect thanks to its gas mask. I'm curious, have any other concepts come up in a team discussion from that time til now? I thought it would be cool if another variant of the Marine came in dark military goggles and a skull balaclava. How big will the squads be, will they have a rank structure like the NG, and what kind of dialogue will they have? Will they be portrayed in a sadistic manner or will they carry out their mission using formalities and military jargon? I feel that the latter would do a better job of having them come off as a highly trained fighting force that I should avoid. Sample dialogue: Sadistic manner (survivor spotted): OH I SEE EM, LIGHT EM UP! vs. Formal manner (survivor spotted): Contact, 12 o' clock. Open fire! Also a lore question. In this universe with 732-ZH, how long do you think it takes for a zombie to go from a runner to becoming a walker?
  9. (TL;DR at bottom) Hi everyone. My name is Phillip and I've been a PC gamer since I was a kid. My first game was an educational one called Reader Rabbit, but eventually I would develop a passion for the first person shooter genre when my cousin introduced me to Counter-Strike in 2002. I was seven at the time heh. Through Counter-Strike I found out about "mods" as CS originally came from this really cool game you all enjoyed in '98 called Half-Life. Near the end of 2006 I found out about zombie mod servers in Counter-Strike: Source. Seeing all those weird zombie skins (like the fat zombies and hell knights from DOOM 3) made me think about how awesome the modding community was. It was during this time that I would start to become more fascinated with zombie games and zombie outbreaks too. A few months forward we move to 2007. I started playing Brainbread and Zombie Panic, both HL1 modifications. Both were really weird! These mods weren't realistic, but man they were a blast to play. Brainbread had Fred the mutant zombie, the grunts from HL1, a plethora of firearms, and my favorite part about this game was that the developers put in an Abrams tank on some maps that shot at zombies. ZP's survivors vs zombies objective game mode kept me coming back for more, and I enjoyed how scarce ammunition was. The communities for these two mods were really fun to play with, and I'm thankful that I never encountered any bad apples for the most part. Late 2007 saw Zombie Panic: Source 1.0. Blew my brains out, I'll never forget launch day. Later in the years I kept an eye on a realistic objective oriented zombie game/modification thanks to Moddb. No More Room in Hell was what it was called, and it looked so good. I lurked the forums and came to the conclusion that all the planned features would surely make the game an experience to remember. I was especially excited that my wicked fantasies would eventually come to life. The National Guard and Marines blasting zombies and me in the face with their combat shotguns and assault rifles. Yep. Riley's playtest video had me completely stoked. So when 1.0 was released in 2011, where was I? I was playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 instead of NMRiH. The Frostbite engine was irresistable, and I really needed that 2.0 k/d ratio. Oops. Yeah, from 2011 til recently there were a few games that sucked me in when real life wasn't bear hugging me. Fast forward to late 2014. Half-Life 3 is still nowhere to be found and I finally hit colonel in Battlefield 4 with a k/d of 2.63. I see that NMRiH has hit version 1.09, and although the NG and Marines haven't been deployed yet much has been added. I download the game, start it up, and play a few maps. I struggle to find objectives, annoying zombie kids are moving about asking to get smacked, and every now and then a runner in a zombie horde comes sprinting over in an attempt to embrace me like a rabid fangirl. Frightening indeed. I finish my first play session having completed zero maps because I'm incompetent. Oops. Not to worry, after 20 hours I've completed a few maps multiple times! I agree that NMRiH lives up to the hype as it delivers so hard. It feels so basic yet there's so much to it that sets it apart from other zombie games. The team did such a good job working with what they had; this mod is more solid proof that the Source Engine can be the foundation for many great games. Some of my thoughts... - SickJoe's gritty concept art is disgustingly good and grotesque - Thought's music sets the mood so well ("Time to Run and Gun" reminds me of Battlefield 3/4; purchased soundtrack) - Player models are very creative, there's like something for everybody (Molotov is my favorite) - Maps are so pretty with all the barricades, abandoned vehicles, signs of carnage, and ambience (hearing police chatter, distant hordes moaning, helicopters flying overhead, and jets conducting bombing runs) - All guns are fun to use, same thing goes for melee - Infection and reanimation is creepy, awesome stuff - The lore for this game is what I wish more zombie movies and novels would explore. A non-airborne virus that causes the freshly infected to be able to run, but after a short duration of time their muscles become more stiff causing them to move more slowly until they become your typical slow shamblers. - Animations are superb (first aid healing one is fun to watch) - NG zombie npc model is probably my favorite model in the entire game so far, I feel like the attention to detail (it's geared up with modern equipment right down to its camoflauge pattern as it's rocking that Multicam) accurately symbolizes the developers' desires for an authentic "you are there, this apocalypse is happening in 2014" kind of vibe. - Player community is very helpful from my experience, found teammates instead of trolls Thanks NMRiH community for your contributions, suggestions, and sharing ammo with me. Also thanks NMRiH developers. If you're ever having a bad day please remember that you're attached to one of the finest zombie games out there and on top of that you've made a young man named Phillip really happy. I can't wait to see what's in store for us in version 1.10. I hope we see bandits and NG units moving around in-game soon! Happy New Year and thanks for reading. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (TL;DR: I like FPS games and zombie games. Whether or not you like NMRiH you have to admit that it's a very unique game that's very polished even though there are tweaks that could be done. Developers worked really hard to make NMRiH enjoyable for me so I can't wait to see what the future holds for this mod. Thank you NMRiH community and developers!)