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  1. Map update for nmo_ravenholm_v2
  2. Hello there. Our recently conformed team which include Extragamer and Drunk Steep, have decided to create a new objective map. However, this time we want to port original maps from Half-Life 2. And of course our choice is fell up on the most atmospheric chapter – “Ravenholm” , which consists six maps by the way. It has been a long time since we tried to realize our ideas, but at last we almost finished the work on the first of three maps Ravenholm project. Due to technical limits of the editor and game, we couldn't create a full version of Ravenholm in one map. We had to separate them into three individual "nmo" with one story where the next map is a continue of previous. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions. Basic info: Map Name - nmo_ravenholm Authors - Valve Corporation Ported and Modified in to NMRiH - Extragamer and Drunk Steep Help to Create - Atheist and EPacker2 Illustration - Natty.spb Difficulty - Hard Walkthrough - 20 - 25 min Map size - 110mb Bonus: - Legendary Ravenholm in to No More Room in Hell - A few random scenarios in objective - Our own story - Our own soundtrack made by Drunk Steep - A few secret places Special thanks: Зайка[Lydoedqa], [PTH]KluMbA Download Link: nmo_ravenholm: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j9vpfw1ji9nskig/nmo_ravenholm_release.7z?dl=0 nmo_ravenholm_v2: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h7hedsao7k7rmsp/nmo_ravenholm_v2_release.7z?dl=0 Very important: - to work map properly you have to install the plugin for server Now I tell you about plugin for map nmo_ravenholm Plugin don't any harm to your server; during testing is not noticed any lag, bugs, crash, etc .; tested with a number of plug-ins on the server, there are no incompatibilities between the plugins not. Plugin "boss" is in "disabled" folder, making it off on other maps. It is activated only on map nmo_ravenholm*, where * - is any version of the map. Plugin set a model of boss at the end of map. If you don't have installed SourceMod on the server or this plugin, instead of the boss will run the kid, and it will not be interesting to kill. Also there is an open code, which was signed by all the action plugin detailed form. You can ask any person who knows SourcePawn language, he will tell you that the plugin has no malicious code that can do anything with your server. Installation: The archive have folders: maps, addons. Their need to throw in a server directory ( X:/server/nmrih <- ) Update history: nmo_ravenholm_v2 (10.04.2016) A few screenshots:
  3. T\\ Thank you )
  4. New screenshots: http://radikal.ru/big/52cbddb77f4a43c5af0ce3cb957da86c'> http://radikal.ru/big/89521fa2cf414c638a8c691c90e1dc66'>
  5. Two screenshots from new area that we added for one of ways in third objective. Also third objective have 3 scenarios and 3 different ways. http://radikal.ru/big/5b347270bfe44e1ea02760db0f092cf7'> http://radikal.ru/big/98f7c9bee4824065a6671a9d36adbdf5'>
  6. Map so nice )
  7. How paste video? Not link.
  8. Hello there. Our recently conformed team which include Extragamer and Drunk Steep, have decided to create a new objective map. However, this time we want to port original maps from Half-Life 2. And of course our choice is fell up on the most atmospheric chapter – “Ravenholm” , which consists six maps by the way. With certain confines, we decided to create two maps, combining several maps from Ravenholm into one. There also were problems with connection of different maps and the best way that we could find, is to create invisible teleports between maps. Here the first alpha-trailer in fact, I hope you will enjoy it. https://youtu.be/usZm9RXtkEY Our plans: -Port all chapter “Ravenholm” from Half-Life 2 into two new objective maps for NMRiH. -Create interesting tasks with some features and details from HL 2. -Several scenarios for missions. -Original soundtrack. Thanks Riley for translate. Всем привет. Наша недавно образовавшаяся команда, в лице Extragamer и Drunk Steep, решила заняться созданием новой nmo карты. Однако, на этот раз мы хотим портировать уже готовые карты из Half-Life 2. И наш выбор пал естественно на самую атмосферную главу - Рейвенхольм. Которая к слову, состоит из шести карт. Имея определённые ограничения, мы решили создать две карты, объеденив по несколько карт в одну. Также были проблемы со склеиванием разных карт и лучший способ, который мы смогли найти, это создать незаметные телепорты между картами. Наши планы: - портирование всей главы Рейвенхольм из Half-Life 2, в две nmo карты для NMRIH - создание интересных заданий, с использованием некоторых элементов и особенностей HL - создание нескольких сценариев для заданий - создание собственного саундтрека
  9. Map update. Now avaliable nmo_underground_a9.
  10. There is 4 possible codes from door. All codes located in office building. 2 - in first floor, one - on second and one on third. On some places you need used flashlight
  11. Check main topic: http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=12103
  12. New version avaliable!
  13. Map updated!!!
  14. Sorry, its my fault. Already fixed.
  15. Thank you for helping with test. Now we want to fix most of bugs and I hope the map will be better.