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  1. @ Matt and Joe Hands down, I think you guys just nailed the main problem of the "suggestions" I made for the game. I never thought about what the source engine restricts or allows certain feature for this game itself. Thank you for letting me know about it! I really appreciate your sincere feedback, and have a nice day
  2. + Thanks for the feedback that you guys gave:) Merry Christmas! + The game's focus point was to bring realism to the zombie genre. This proves that it's unnecessary to keep one type of concept as a ultimate idea, but to consider anything else that can strengthen the realism in its gameplay. This provides the purpose of community sharing anything constructive in the forum, and that any suggestion can be brought into the forum at anytime. All of this stands as a starting point of my post and comments, and I will do my best to keep it as logical as possible. I am done with introduction, and I will give a rebuttal to the quote above me. The fact that the weapon could be "temporary" contradicts with the one of the purpose of crafting, which is to create something more advanced than the previous one. If the people just picks one of the weapon and try to complete the objective map, then it's their choice within their planning. However, some of the people may not be satisfied with that method, which their different option is to take a risk and create their own weapon throughout scenarios. You need to agree that unless an admin or a host of the server tweaks the "setting", the items/weapons in this game is scarce and limited. There's also a possibility for a map to not bring the same item at every turn, so it's pretty much the player's risk to predict to expect something that may not exist in the map at all. Besides, I don't think that crafting should be taken out due to negative; it's just too good for a player to have a larger variety of weapon in a fair, solid game. Some maps can take more than 5 - 10 minutes, but it's just that the zombies really need to buffed so that they can really become a challenge for the player/s. Running around the map with only one handed-weapon and a flashlight, beating out objectives one by one (with the assistance of the costless button "V"), and extracting as a survivor without a problem? This just breaks the game principle and ruins the whole experience. I do agree that determining the quality of the weapon based on durability may be too soon for the game to add. It's just that I can't think of general ways to take this feature and make it beneficial in overall perspective!
  3. So just to be clear, I have been playing this game for 17 hours, but I just want to briefly address out some of the issues that I found in some of the gameplay. I will also add some suggestion into the game, so please stay tight and be concentrated. It may be little long to count it as brief summary, but let's get started. - Some of the sight of the firearms (including bows) are either inaccurate or it's not adjustable to be seen clearly. It interferes with the user's interaction with the weapon and can mess up the whole thing what the game tries to deliver. However, if someone argues that the weapon is inaccurate due to the damage toward the durability of the components of a firearm, then there must be a way to "identify" the damage itself. You can't just show a weapon that's brand new and state that it's broken. - There seems to be a glitch where a hordes of zombie clumps together on a hollow part of the map (between vehicles and roadside, or a hallway/tunnel), and their hitboxes seem to cancel any upcoming melee or firearms instantly. Each part of me and my teammate brought two-handed weapon (for me it was a shovel), and we were clearing out some of the zombie hordes that was placed between a van and a apartment. Seems as if 3-4 zombies were clumped in the small area, I took the chance and threw a fully charged blow and landed above their heads, but no damage was done in either of their heads. I got killed after a few second from the blow, and my teammate just stood there cluelessly. It seems to be a error that happens between each zombie's hit models I guess. - The knock-off that the player can use (the button v by default) is INCREDIBLY cost-less than even using a single one-hand melee with the minimum consumption of a stamina. It's just painful to see a veteran player spam the button after their melee and whip out multiple zombies without a problem, or a player can just escape majority of the scenarios by just sprinting and pushing off the zombies. This must have been settled with more penalty, so either a player can successfully eliminate a zombie, reach the objective as fast as it could, or fail to do both and use "v" to have a another chance, but more costly. - Speaking of that, there's an another glitch where the zombies can still grab a player and attack, even though the player used a knockout (v) to push off the zombies. In demonstration, the pattern starts when the player approaches the zombie closely, and the subject triggers to grab-and bite the player. The player in response uses knockout to counter the attack, but instead glitches out in the process of the zombie's "animation". As a outcome, the player gets at least a bite from the zombie, and he/she either gets infected, or bleeds out as a major casualty. - The dropped items usually got stuck in the blindspot of the desk, table, wall, cusson, or couches. These objective either failed to eject out of the item and let it sunk inside of their boundaries, and the player had to struggle to reach out to pick it up again. - The thin wall of sealed buildings (that requires a key or a torch or a password) led the players to pick items from outside of the room. Pain in our heads my friends. - There must be a separate button settled for two blows of player attack, which is a charging blow, and a quick blow. It's just painful to click thousands time just to trigger a normal one instead of charged attack (inconvenient). What if we set it beside the button v, so that the player can react "similarly" with the knock-out against the "runners" or the others? - The wooden boards can't be destroyed easily by the melee attack, since the nearby wall or a hitbox glitch absorbs the damage of it. There also needs to be an independent way to solve it - I am very negative against the idea that the "sledgehammer" or a "fireaxe"or a "machete" may be the best melee weapon that exist in the game. People who are experienced will just find these weapon and rule out most of the time. Why can't we modify some of the weakest one-hand weapon and customize it, so that it can become much more efficient than the weapons above? For example, if a person was smart enough, then couldn't he/she pick up a kitchen knife, a stick, and a thin rope, etc tie the knife around the edge of a stick, and use it as a spear for a longer range + damage? This could definitely change the mechanic and strengthens the realism of the game. - We definitely need more differentiation of abilities and circumstantial outcome between each types of zombies. The original game is too simplistic for players to identify and come up a "hardcore strategic thinking" to successfully eliminate each types of zombie. Why can't a normally virus-possessed zombie give more additional deadly blow to a player and increase the chance/strength of bleeding, since it still kept physical ability as a city life? Why can't organ spilled, putrefied zombie have a immortal bite to a player and increase the chance/strength of infection, since the virus mutant was fully possessed during long period of development and is more immune against drugs? Why can't we have a anti-riot police zombie and a fully armored soldier zombie (which we already have it), so that while both have a additional physical damage due to their "harsh" training, the police's armor can be stronger against blunt, melee weapon, while the soldier's armor actually becomes immune against firearms (since the design of the bullet-proof armor is to stop the spin of the ammo, which the penetration will decrease and fail to penetrate the subject). - Where is the realistic hitboxes that we can have for the game? Why can't we shoot the legs to slow down their movement speed, blow off the arms to cancel their attack blow/grab, and blow off their head to malfunction the body under the limited time, before the zombies will make their final move (muscle memory) and collapse on the floor? Why can't players have the same kind of mechanic, so that when they bleed on the particular parts: they can lose their speed (legs), the damage of the melee weapon (arms), increase the recoil of the weapon (arms), decrease the overall stamina of the player (body), and have few seconds of nausea before they faint out? Why can't we have detailed moments of panic when the player gets infected by the zombie, and there will be a chance of our arms, legs, body being cramped/paralyzed until the player gets fully infected and dies off? That's all I can bring for a moment. It took me an hour or so to address all of these things. Anyway, thank you for reading and I will see you later. By the way, please ignore all those grammar error! You need to be reminded that I'm Korean anyway:( Peace to the DEV :>
  4. I just want to say something before my post, can you ask the following question? How do you like this game? Do you like to rate it as 5? 1? If so, what reasons do you have behind your decisions? What kind of fixes that you want for the devs to complete? Maybe suggestions too? Active feedbacks and answers will be appreciated:)