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  1. No, I'm not talking about that "Press here to enter, adult" shit. I'm talking about what a lot of German websites already have: Something where you have to verify your age via your identity card. Yes, there will be Russians with workarounds, but with stuff like that, they usually end up having their steam account perma-banned and it won't be worth it for most kids after a while.
  2. I'm still hoping for an age verification system for Steam. I bet the servers would be a hell of a lot emptier this way ^^
  3. Sounds like a good reason for me to avoid Nightmare Mode until this is fixed. I don't wat to generalize, but if Steam had some kind of age verification method, there would be far less trolls, because those guys are usually angry teens. (Well, or teen minds in the body of grown ups, which is even worse).
  4. Awesome! If something is able to prolong the life of a game, it's mods! Just think what would've become of Half-Life without all the modding possibilities ^^
  5. First of all: YAY! FINALLY! Second: Will there be variations of the crawling zombies? I really like the additional danger they pose if the player doesn't pay enough attention, but I wish they wouldn't just look like they were too lazy to walk, but instead had one or both legs missing, probably bloody stumps where their human legs once were, before they lost them.
  6. Is there any possibility you will implement workshop support for NmriH sometime in the future, so people would be able to skin the weapons like they already do in Contagion?
  7. I always wanted to get KF1 on Steam, but we Germans only seem to deserve the low violence pussy version, which would be like watching a cut version of Braindead or Tokyo Gore Police. I hope they won't do the same to KF2, because I really really realyl want that game!
  8. Maybe the suggestions would be easier to overlook and evaluate, if there was an extra thread for "Melee Suggestions" & "Firearms Suggestions" (and in case the latter gets too crowded as well, you could create one for pistols, rifles or automatic, semi-automatic or something along the line). Just a thought ^^
  9. I think you know a lot more about map editing than I do. ^^" I also didn't even know about the Helloween map, because I have rarely played user made maps yet, mainly because I decided to take a break from playing until the update(s) are out, but I will check that turret out as soon as I play again! Thanks for all the info and I hope my lack of knowledge in that field doesn't ruin your mood!
  10. I'm so jealous right now! And I also agree with you on the rarity aspect, sounds like a fair compromise. Now about that vulcan cannon..... EDIT: Has the topic of stationary weapons already come up yet? Of course mostly (or even only) on survival maps and with limited ammo (which one would also have to find first) and/or even restricted access, like you would need a welder to open the room or whatever to actually be able to get to the gun itself.
  11. Maybe there were foreign support troops leaving them behind? Maybe it is from a private stash of criminally insame preppers? The P90 has as many reasons to be included/excluded as all the other weapons.There are weapons lying around all over the maps, as if people just left them there for our convenience. If you could only get guns from dead soldiers/cops I would consider agreeing with you on this one, but there are rifles, shotguns, pistols, all just placed on shelves, tables or just anywhere. If you really wanted the grade of Realism you're implying, this game wouldn't be much fun to most people, because they would just die instantly. One horde would be enough to kill every player, because you can't just "Push back" the weight of so many bodies with the push of a button. They would just rush you, you'd fall and be eaten. There is no real recoil in this game (especially considering the fact you're playing "normal" persons, probably without any training in the field) and you can trick the melee stamina restriction by just using the right mouse button to finish off hundreds of zombies with a single pipe in a single playthrough (already did, much much fun ^^). I know there has to be some kind of inner logic and I agree with its necessity, but as far as the realism in this game goes atm, I don't see why especially the P90 would have no place in this game. I'm not asking for a vulcan cannon, laser guns or a rocket launcher, because I know THAT would be too much ^^
  12. P90 can be just as common as every military weapon in the game. There is no actual lore to exclude the possibility of armed forces of whatever kind that left the weapons and/or ammo lyring around after they died or in some kind of stash. It would just be nice to have it as an option. If some people don't agree with certain weapons, maybe there could be an option for server hosts to exclude the spawning of said weapons....
  13. Yes, P90 please. I second that. And to say I just want it so much, because I love Stargate would be a blatant LIE! Not true! Completely utterly not at all true! But still, consider it, please?
  14. Practice your rage quitting now more efficient than ever with Hotline Miami 2!
  15. Are all of the crawlers going to have both their legs left? I think some should be missing one leg or both or at least have some kind of visible injuries in that area, so they don't just look like they're too lazy to walk xD EDIT: Oh yes! And I would like to shoot crippled kids, too!