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  1. Doubt why? And MAYBE, console variables will not solve the problem.
  2. Before i start: sorry about my english, it's not my native langague and i'll do my best. Another thread is already talking about a similar subject. But i just want a answer about this situation. Since the 1.09 update, i never finished a single map in a multiplayer server, because everytime when someone die, or don't find a weapon or something like, everything is a reason to vote to restart the round. So, it's impossible, frustrating, annoying and a boring multiplayer game. To don't mention the abuse with the vote kick, of course, and it's not only me, my friends and others are having the same problem. It's similar to what happened in 1.01 update (when vote kick/vote ban system came). So, i just want a directly answer: will it be fixed/removed or something like? when? and if don't, why not?
  3. I aggre with you abou the hands and also i really understand how hard it is to model, anim, texture, rig, and etc new models, but it's only my opinion. NMRiH team is incrible awesome, but about the subject, i hope soon we have immersive third person animation and new hand models for each character. It's maybe looks like a little silly thing, but immersion is always a big thing, so, the hand models and third person animations (and taking the wave, hope see more females characters soon :3) are something that ill be patiently wait in a update . Repeating again, i understand the difficults, because also im a solo game developer, and a apprentice yet, so i complety understand. I'll just hope and wait for the future awesome updates.
  4. I think it's turned unplayable on multiplayer. I know the development team is working on it, but, it's my opinion and suggestion: i think restart vote should be accepted by activy players (the alive ones), doing this if the majority of alive ones agree, then okay, restart, to dont make injust. Imagine you playing a match, then everyone dies and start calling vote, when you got your fav weapon, then the match just restart? it's the worse feeling ever.Also, a suggest about nextlvl and changelvl is: only after the MATCH ENDS the map should changes. I know there could be other problems like afk player (for that reason exist auto_idle_kick) and etc, but in my opinion: you died? you lost your turn, then patiently wait for others turn. Better wait or have a aggre than have a unpayable game on multiplayer, because the multyplayer of this game is incrible awesome: the coop thing and etc... well, i guess only before the vote thing on my opinion (i just sayin it get worse with the vote thing, not saying that ill play my fav game ever). For now, multiplayer is (in majority of random servers) unpayable. Just my vision and opinion abou the subject, and that's what i think. NOTE: sorry about my english, becuz it's not my native langague, just waiting to express myself. :3