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  1. Pretty much just completed it solo (couldn't get to the chopper rope at the end) after a few attempts and I really like it but came across a few small problems. The First issue was an unclear objective towards the end of the boardwalk. The objective was telling me to start a strong fire. I was unsure for a good while where to go and launched my flares and c4 at the blockade. Perhaps you should make it clearer that they need to go in search of fuel supplies to start a fire or something. The final issue I encountered was at the finale. I had comfortably cleared away the zombies on the boardwalk but was unable to jump over the fence to get to the chopper rope. If the players need to go to the underside of the pier to climb the rope perhaps make it a little clearer to the players. (I had the feeling that perhaps I blew up a ramp with the c4 I used earlier in an attempt to light the blockade, thus making it impossible to get to the rope) Anyway as I said great map which I enjoyed as much, if not more than some of the official maps. Great setting and feel. I loved the idea. Nice job!
  2. Hello I was wondering if anyone knows if their is a brush entity that can be used to remove particles from the gameworld once the particles enter the brush. The particles are of course created by the info_particle_system
  3. If your interested it is possible to make source maps using only 3dsmax, without the need for hammer. Check out wallworm.com
  4. It looked like a pretty cool idea, but with the amount of maps it would take a crazy amount of effort. You would also probably need a massive team to pull it off. Not to mention the amount of servers you would require
  5. The windows, seats and ceiling are all custom models, it was the only way to get the detail I required heh, I know what your thinking, but after a ton of messing around with the lighting I managed to sort out the weird affects and it now looks fine ingame More to come soon, I'll probably try and work on the emergency exits next
  6. I believe you need a mark walkable point and then regenerate to show the generator that the players can reach that area Edit: Place nav_mark_walkable entities manually then generate again
  7. Is the picture not showing? :S I'm not posting any alphas yet, its is far from being tested in public, I'm currently looking for feedback on the models in that area of the map
  8. Hello, I thought I'd post a quick pic of some progress with a map I've been making I've created 5 new models already (3 with normal maps) The part currently being worked on is a plane interior. I'll soon work on the airport plus exterior airplane models. Here is some of what I've done so far I've kinda been a bit unconventional with this area of the map, as most of the geometry is infact modelled instead of traditional geometry as to get the detail I required while still keeping the performance at acceptable levels. In this area, the isles will soon be littered with rubbish and I will likely make a few of the over head compartments open for objective items. Hope you guys like