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  1. Thanks going to update it after New Years.
  2. http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=12044 Done.
  3. Just Updated the map: Runners and Children come at wave 4 more ammo for shotgun spawn points spread out more max zombies lower to 40 FEMA Repair box is added Fixed the kitchen window glitch And added 1 stick of TNT (note: this should be use only as a last ditch effort. Though it can grantee to clear a room of all life, collateral damage is extremely high. Because this is a close quarter map, the TNT's explosive radius will fill an entire room. This could not only hurt you or you teammates, it could also fling munitions and first aid item out the window. If any item fall out the window then it is unobtainable as player's aren't allow to leave the structure.)
  4. My first map. Made to play with friends. Close quarter survival map with defend the building scenario. No supply drop or FEMA Bag. I removed those from my map because I find managing the ammo you have to be more fun. 12 waves, 1560 zombies, guns and ammo hidden in walls. nms_From_Dusk_Till_Dawn http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=12044
  5. Definitely worth trying. This is a small close quarter hardcore survival map. Why is it hardcore, because their is no supply drop and no FEMA repair bags. If you procrastinate on killing the undead, you'll have 50 zombies inside this small bar. They is more than enough ammo to kill all 1560 zombies throughout the entire game. But don't go trigger happy as you'll definitely run out of ammo fast. Organize what supplies you have to survive 12 waves. Each wave is to represent an hour so it compliments the title from dusk till dawn. EPILEPTIC SEIZURE for flickering lights in restroom and office. I don't know how serious it is but it gave me some disorientation. Lore: 4:00 PM The boss is dead and the remaining members escaped to our safe house. The safe house is this sh***y looking bar in the middle of nowhere, but its probably the best solution to get as far away from the city and let this blow over. Lucky we emptied the armory. 5:00 PM Sorry Tony, I got to blow your brains out. Had no choice, he try to pull a fast one on me becuase he knew we would kill him if I saw the wound. The commotion cause us to crash into the safe house. Tony always screwed us over in the living and now in the dead. When we arrived, the bar got even sh***ier. Most of the food was stolen and most importantly the liquor got ransacked! The good for nothing caretaker think he can steal from us and get a way with it! When this is over, I'm going to kill that son of a b**** living or dead. 6:00 PM The sun set and it raining hard and getting hungry, sadly we can't eat bullets but that is what we have a lot of. The zombies are coming and by the dozens. I guess they already ate everyone in the city. However, the zombies chose the wrong place to come. What that stupid caretaker doesn't know when he looted us is that there is metric sh** ton of guns and ammo hidden within these walls. We're loaded to the tip. Now we just got to hold out till dawn for those noble national guards to save us. Features: 4 rooms - Office, restroom, kitchen, and bar When zombies are coming towards the bar from the outside, you can see their silhouette in the fog and creates like an old George A Romero Night of the Living Dead affect. Some guns and ammo are hidden within the walls of the structure. The office and restroom have flickering lights. (may cause EPILEPTIC SEIZURE) Layout is also based off of COD Nazi Zombies and I encourage doing the runaround strategy. Though you can't leave the structure, they are gas tanks outside marked by glow sticks for you to shoot to light zombies on fire. No FEMA repair bags. No supply drop There is a Health box Issues: Couldn't find a way to have the slegde hammer be the only weapon to break down the walls to get the guns and ammo, however it isn't a major issue. Sometimes the wall gets destroy but not the red X spray painted on the wall. It needs to be hit again to destroy it. I didn't bother to create realistic looking brokens walls when the walls are destroy because I don't how to. But it shouldn't affect the gameplay. The func_dustcloud doesn't appear in the front and back of the map. Only on the side. I would like someone to tell me how to fix it or you can fix it yourself. Sometimes the zombies chill out on top of the bar counter. Originally I envision it so the fog to be thick so when zombies spawn you can't see it and when they slowly walk towards the bar their silhouette sort of fade into your vision. But they kind of abruptly spawn in, but the silhouette affect still works so it isn't all bad. Exterior of the structure is bland. Sorry, didn't bother to put a sign that says bar. Couldn't find any. 3D Skybox is a little weird. Fix it later but it looks ok for now. Please tell me if you found any issues or have any suggestions to help make this map better. Haven't tried with more than one player so tell how does it work out. I do have 8 spawn points but don't know if all are working or not. Never pass wave 3 so tell me if any glitches happen after that. Couldn't play with friends so tell me if it is the maps fault for fail connection with friends. Creator's Notes: Playing this on Solo is suicide. I can never pass wave 3. This was made for me and my friends to play together in a defend the house scenario but somehow couldn't our connection to work. Enjoy. Screenshots: Sorry about the white bars. I forgot to crop it. Download: nms_From_Dusk_Till_Dawn.bsp --- http://www.mediafire.com/download/ckcbldjltjsgzz1/nms_From_Dusk_Till_Dawn.bsp nms_From_Dusk_Till_Dawn.nav --- http://www.mediafire.com/download/q6bq4rdhlo82kol/nms_from_dusk_till_dawn.nav
  6. Do you use prop_dynamic. If so can you tell me what you use for the values for each property name.
  7. You know those gas tanks that you can shoot and set zombies on fire, what is the code for that on Hammer. I'm not talking about the fuel for the chainsaw.
  8. The ammo works, thank you. the ammobox_762 is misleading as it is ammobox_762mm. The wall works but again guns can shoot open the wall. But thanks
  9. I know how to make a breakable wall, but is it possible to only be destroyed or damaged by a specific item like a sledge hammer. I found out that guns do more damage than the sledge hammer. Also how do you put specific ammo boxes inside the map? I typed ammobox_9mm and ammo_9mm with nothing coming up? I tied using the random_spawner but of course it is random.
  10. Thanks for all the help. Now I'm going to take a long cold shower and then eat some gruel with a side of hardtacks.
  11. Here you go still not finished yet. Play it and you'll see. You can walk around the map killing zombies but it won't start the waves for the survival mode. http://www.mediafire.com/download/6z1zzzphfmab5p4/mns_From_Dusk_Till_Dawn.bsp
  12. How do I post the map file again? Sorry it took so long as i had other stuff to do. Note there's no roof yet and the fog (func_dustcloud) and precipitation features are not working so I deleted them.
  13. Maybe the title wasn't good to describe this weapon. This is not a crafted weapon or something that requires a crafting system. Imagine this, your character found a spray can of this on the floor and picks it up and now it is in his inventory. When you click on it in your inventory, your right hand holds the can while your left hand pulls out the lighter you start out with (You probably know where this is going). You right click it to start the lighter and left click to start spraying the liquid out of the can. Professional Car Cleaning spray can products is a general group of products, but they all have extremely flammable liquids in them. The flame's distance is relatively short as it only goes about 5 feet or 1.5 meters.
  14. As for that flamethrower survivor made weapon; it doesn't have to crafted, it could just be picked up. You found a spray can of a Professional Car Cleaning product (which is extremely flammable and corrosive) and use it with the lighter you already start out with. That would quite perfect since you do start out with a lighter. Another crazier idea would be a water gun filled with bleach (which burns flesh) or filled with oil and your lighter can light it as it shots out to create a greek fire flamethrower.
  15. What about a 3 shot burst weapon in the game. I could name one, but I bet you'll find something better. Like a 3 shot burst rifle or pistol. A little pointless, but adds variety in the game.