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  1. My guess is it will be smaller by that point. The steam graphs show the game popularity has trended off since Jan 2014 and has gone down ever since.
  2. Well most of the community works in complete isolation and most efforts are not team-coordinated. I've moved to other communities that have more people collaborating on projects. NMRIH is a great idea though. EDIT: Diablo 2 actually has a more active modding community and that game is 15 years old now.
  3. I would work on this project more but nobody ever wanted to get involved or help so I gave up and to be honest the NMRIH community seems pretty dead.
  4. Release early, release often
  5. Where is the map?
  6. This workaround is causing some problems Sometimes when the player moves it doesn't actually teleport them!
  7. I've been working on a few maps recently and ran into a problem with navigation meshes. My maps deviate a bit from the standard setup, as I have a few point entities I want to setup so I can do some sourcemod stuff. However, after a few basic tweaks to my map and a long re-compile and after doing nav_generate 1 I am now always generating an empty navigation mesh. How do I know it's empty? I'm sure nav_edit or something will show better that there is no mesh, but I simply looked at the old files while I was uploading them to the HTTP server and they are all the same 240 byte empty data. The old navigation meshes used to be 10K - 20K each. What did I last do to my map before it started having this problem? I moved the info_player_start entities into an empty room. I want my players to spawn into an empty room and then the plugin will place them into where they need to be within the map. The problem is that this seems to mess with the navigation meshes, as I think the info_player_start are entry points. At this point I have a few questions: If I place the players where they used to be, then generate the .nav, but then swap the players back into the empty room will it still load that .nav file? I think this is a bad idea as it's possible some internal IDs don't match anymore, and it's possible it will bump the "version" of the MAP and the nav file is linked to that. Can I place another entity besides info_player_start that will make these navigation meshes generate? Any help is much appreciated. You can find the VMF and sourcemod code here: https://github.com/HellboundOnline/hellbound NOTE: I also tested this without my sourcemod plugin involved (not that I think it could matter, but I tried) and even in a listen server there are no zombies spawned and the navigation mesh is empty. Cheers, Kris
  8. Interesting if you only set the Prop_Send version, when you move it teleports you back to where you were before. You have to do it for both Prop_Data and Prop_Send.
  9. Great idea I think to add variety.
  10. A lot of work has been done! Some nice updates: Transfering players between servers/zones is working. You go up to a new area, press E, and a dialog is displayed saying you can go to the new area. Each level now has an area where players spawn in darkness Players now automatically join the game (dont have to click Join Game when transfering) Inventory saving has started To put a door to another server create an info_target entity in your map that has the name: hb_door_zone_room The hb_door part is what the plugin looks for, the zone part is the name of the map basically, and the room is where to spawn within that map. Each map needs to also have corresponding info_target entities called: hb_spawn_room So if you have a door saying hb_door_city_sidewalk1 you need to have a hb_spawn_sidewalk1 spawn point in the city map. Pretty simple, right?
  11. So far a workaround that I have working is: SetEntPropVector(client, Prop_Send, "m_vecOrigin", pos);
  12. Sad face. I really did not think that TeleportEntity couldn't be supported! Any suggestions or workarounds?
  13. This is part of how the source engine works, the same thing is needed when making maps for CS:GO etc. It's sampling the available places bots can go.
  14. Any idea how much work it would take and where the work needs to be done? There is a topic from 2012 here: http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=7917&hl=findentitybyclassname I think I can workaround this with checking all of the entities but I fear that will slow things down in some scenarios. When I try to use it currently in Sourcemod I get: Native 'FindEntityByClassName' not found Cheers, Kris