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  1. So it is no use to change net_maxfilesize and can only do as you said ?
  2. https://sourceforge.net/projects/netfastdlserver/ Like this ?
  3. My server and my friend's server has installed sourcemod.But when we installed,we found that players can't download maps from the server.It always showed"Missing Map......".My friends and I has already set "server.cfg". // ............................ Download Settings .................................. // // Allow clients to upload sprays etc (NMRiH has sprays disabled by default, so 0 might be the best option) sv_allowupload 0 // Allow clients to download files sv_allowdownload 1 // Maximum file size allowed for downloading individual maps/textures etc (Calculated in MB) net_maxfilesize 200 // Allow downloading of maps/textures/etc from a website for faster download speeds! // NOTE: If left blank (sv_downloadurl "") connecting clients will download custom maps etc directly from your Gameserver. // // Example: 1 - Game server has a map called "nmo_example.bsp" located in the map folder // 2 - Web server has the exact same "nmo_example.bsp" file located at "http://www.yourwebsite.com/nmrih/maps/nmo_example.bsp" // 3 - Therefore, sv_downloadurl should be set to "http://www.yourwebsite.com/nmrih/" // sv_downloadurl "" // ............................... Network Settings ............................... // // Min bandwidth rate allowed on server, 0 = Unlimited sv_minrate 0 // Max bandwidth rate allowed on server, 0 = Unlimited sv_maxrate 60000 // Minimum updates per second that the server will allow sv_minupdaterate 0 // Maximum updates per second that the server will allow sv_maxupdaterate 130 // Minimum commands per second that the server will allow sv_minupdaterate 0 // Maximum commands per second that the server will allow sv_maxupdaterate 130 And my server has set sv_tags "custom". How to deal with the problem?
  4. Is anyone here use the plugin "skinchooser" [https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=87597] ? I got some problems when I tried to use it. I typed "!admin" it showed as this: but when I pressed "2", it showed nothing.Then I typed "!admin" again and it showed as this: . I pressed "2" again and it showed nothing again. What's wrong with it ? This is what writes in default_skins.ini: //Configure your menu here "Models" { "Custom Models" { "Admin" "" "Team1" { "p_banana" { "path" "models\player\biohazard\xclla\p_banana.mdl" } } "Team2" { "p_banana" { "path" "models\player\biohazard\xclla\p_banana.mdl" } } } "Admin Models" { "Admin" "t" "Team1" { "p_banana" { "path" "models\player\biohazard\xclla\p_banana.mdl" } } "Team2" { "p_banana" { "path" "models\player\biohazard\xclla\p_banana.mdl" } } } "VIP Models" { "Admin" "" "Team1" { "Revenant" { "path" "models/player/custom_player/zombie/revenant/revenant_v2.mdl" } } "Team2" { "Revenant" { "path" "models/player/custom_player/zombie/revenant/revenant_v2.mdl" } } } } //If you use Fastdownload make sure all your path and material files are on your webserver!!! I can't ask questions at their forum because I can't register at their website.
  5. Thanks for the support. And is there a complete server.cfg settings ? I have found an old one https://forums.nomoreroominhell.com/index.php?/topic/9983-servercfg/#comment-149106 but I thought it may not complete enough.
  6. Thanks for the support. And is there a complete server.cfg settings ? I have found an old one but I thought it may not complete enough.
  7. I know there is 3 modes in the game:casual,classic and nightmare.But some players in my server think that they have been tired of these modes.So I try to amend Zombie's damage in my server. I have done as the picture showed,but it did't work.When I typed "sv_kid_dmg_twohand 32" in my srcds.exe,it showed "Can't use cheat cvar sv_kid_dmg_twohand in multiplayer,unless the server has sv_cheats set to 1".So is there anyway that can do not need to set sv_cheats 1 to amend Zombie damage ?(sv_tags already set) And is there a plugin or a way that can change these things :the chance of a runner zombie spawning;allow/not allow to use guns;zombie damage ? I have not seen such a plugin on www.sourcemod.net.
  8. I have the official sourcemod Plugin to change the map by typing "rtv",but it can only show 5 maps or "do not change it." at the same time. Anyone has the Plugin that can show all the map and vote it at the same time ? Thanks a lot.
  9. It's in "server.cfg" or "nmrih_custom.cfg" ? I try to change "sv_alltalk 0" to sv_alltalk 1 ,but I still can't see what a dead one has typed. Sorry for my bad English.
  10. Then do you have some plugins like "Weapon menu" ? After the game being updated,I can't use my old plugin "Weapon menu" It's version is "1.1.0",which can only be used by admin. Or do you have some plugins like " !guns " Thank you very much.
  11. How to make myself a admin? Open the server.cfg and how to do next? Sorry for my bad English......