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  1. If the .nav file is still missing once I've got this running, I create one and make it available to the community. ~FF~
  2. I've just been looking at the screenshots for your map and saw the top view. Nice layout and great use of space. If I can make one small suggestion for future mapping ventures... I noticed the the top of each of your buildings had what ever default texture you'd applied when creating the brushes. As a performace tweak, it's recommended that, all surfaces not be visible to players have the NO DRAW texture applied so the compiler ignores those surfaces during the compilation process. This is all to easy to overlook, so it's a good practice ensure a NO DRAW phase is part of your mapping process before releasing Regardless, nice map... I will be adding it to my community map instance of my NMRiH dedicated servers, which I am planning to start hosting in the next few days. (It's my next server project) I will credit all used community mappers in my MOTD, so you will be credited for you hard work regardless of what map is running. Good job...
  3. Link is dead.
  4. Took me a while do figure out how the ammo spawning worked. The link to the FGD is dead unfortunately. Just to add more detail for anybody else out there trying to get this working, there's a few things to note that aren't explained clearly in the wiki. Make sure you turn off Smart Edit on the random_spawner properties window If you want to spawn just 1 type of ammo get the class name from the wiki http://wiki.nomoreroominhell.com/wiki/Item_Spawning_Setup In the properties window put the class name in the key field and set the value to 100 if you only want that particular ammo spawned Click Apply You will now notice that the class name has been added to the list of properties on the left. (Smart Edit will hide this) Now your done. Complie and run! Hope this helps others spawning ammo... Note: this was correct as of v1.08