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  1. But this also happens when the zombie is grabbing me. When the zombie is grabbing it wont move. I was just playing right now and shot a zombie that was grabbing me two times in the head with a shotgun and it didnt died. It only died on third shot. ----- Also about guns, it's funny how a colt is much more powerful than an UZI if both have same caliber, I need at least 2 headshots from uzi to kill a zombie, while with Colt I may kill with a single headshot.
  2. Again, this happened many times while playing, im next to a zombie and push, but it has no effect on zombie, it grabs me and I get infected. Pretty irritating.
  3. It has happened many times with me that the player is not able to change to hands (holster) by pressing h. It usually happens when you have no weapons with you and then you get defenseless against zombies, without the ability to punch them.
  4. Im getting pretty irritated with this issue, it happens all the time, I shoot a zombie with a shotgun on the head at very close range and it wont die. It seems that maybe when a zombies grabs you it may become temporarily invencible, but only for a short time. But still many zombies survive headshots from weapons such as rifles even when they are not grabbing you.
  5. There is no option to change to casual when I press ESC. The player used a chat command. I only saw this happen once, in a server, so maybe it's really a plugin.
  6. I hate having to wait other players to win a game to begin playing. In Casual mode you can spawn after some seconds. I was playing one time a player was able to call a vote to change game to Casual mode, he used a command like !casual or something, I don't remenber exactly. I tried this command in another server and it didn't work. Please, tell me what is the command to call vote to change dificulty to Casual. It would be very useful to have a list of all available commands.
  7. I have played the game for about 80 hours, and as I said guns may not work as expected, headshots with high caliber guns may not kill zombies. It happened to me many times, shoot a zombie in the head with sniper rifle and it wont die, I know I shot him in the head because there is a bulled hole (decal) in the zombie head.
  8. Area damage also happens when the zombie bites!
  9. But some itens still only appear once, like the fire extinguisher, but still it gets into inventory. Maybe a way to show that a player has an objective item should be a great idea to avoid this, like a different color name on the players list when you press TAB, or an icon next to player name in game and in players list.
  10. Currently some objective itens like the blowtorch can be placed in inventory, but others like keys can't. If a item can't be placed in inventory when you carry it you can't run or use weapon, so I think itens like keys should be placed in inventory, only very large itens should be carried the other way.
  11. It doesn't seen logic that a zombie can attack you trough another player that is in your front. This happens all the time, that's why I gave up helping other players if I don't have a firearm.
  12. At the end of a map if at least one survivor couldn't make it it shows a message saying "survivors have been overrun", it should instead show a list of players who escaped and a list of the ones that not. Also when you press tab it shows survivors that escaped as dead, it should show escaped or rescued.
  13. Currently zombies ara capable of splash damage, they can cause damage to more than one player at once, it's very common to be hit by a zombie when trying to help another player. I think this should be eliminated. Zombies have a huge hit distance, even from far zombies can hit you, this also should be eliminated.
  14. Sometimes players wont respawn, I know this can occur in Objective maps in causal mode or not. Theres the message, "Waiting for spawn point" but the player never respawns.
  15. Im sure I shot the zombie in the head 3 times and it didnt die. I had an average ping, around 140, and the zombie was in my front, grabbing me, so shots were very close.