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  1. Going to post this into workshop soon and i have project if people want to help to replace all nmrih to the walking dead
  2. zombie

    im not going release this yet i need to fix some of the animations
  3. Some screenshots here: DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i2cw6u6wj0exf76/NMRiH_TheWalkingDead.zip?dl=0 README.txt in the zip file Credits: Ported to NMRiH by dewobedil Rigged by shaklin Original models from The Walking Dead Mobile Game (No Man's Land)
  4. hei there i made some custom zombie, called doggy zombie because nmrih took so long to update i update the game self xD (JK) still in beta
  5. sv_minrate 60000 sv_maxrate 60000 use this 2 console commands it will fix your problem
  6. you need to continue his map , it looks interesting
  7. nice lol , if you see a bug let me know
  8. maybe you can download first then test it ingame
  9. The second one , is bug from the game , "maybe" still i dont know what causing the bug the first one , try create a test map with large flat ground , test the zombie that wont respawn. there is flags dont forget the flags too.
  10. Those fingers littlebit weird lol , but still badass xD