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  1. When I use hammer, I am missing tons of entities. first it was a few firearms and all ammo, but I fixed that. But now I am missing some cruacial stuff like func_safe_zone. Can't finish my survival map without it. Why is stuff like these missing? It's unacceptable. Hope someone can send me an FGD or whatever that has ALL the entities and dosn't miss any. Thank you!
  2. So you can set your own waves as a mapper?
  3. I found that jae 700 is gone now instead! Nevermind, I fixed it!
  4. WOW! Thanks! I thought I'd never get this solved. You are my hero. thank you thank you So I should just save it as nmrih.fgd in a text file format and place in that folder you specified? I would like a moderator to change the Topic Title end to (SOLVED) So people can know and look if they're having the same problem
  5. Damn it ^^ Good to know it's not just me. Thought for a second there was something wrong with my hammer! hope we can get some responce from the devs about this!
  6. Hello. I have a little strange problem. I cannot find the following entities: FN FAL weapon, The flaregun and none of the ammo for the weapons. I have searched and searched but I cannot find them! What am I doing wrong?