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  1. maybe this will be working (not 100%) - make backup and remove the three files ... or rename it (for safe) - try step by step, rename the 1st ... if still not working, rename the 1st and 2nd file ... etc. the files: c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\ClientRegistry.blob c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\config\config.vdf c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\[numbers]\localconfig.vdf bonus: uncheck the "Secure (Valve Anti-Cheat)" questions, if still not working good: 1) got this message without any plugins ?? so untouched NMRiH Dedicated Server 2) using any batch file for srcds.exe or just simply you starting the srcds.exe ?? you can search and add me on Steam, maybe faster the problem solution
  2. Tools --> Options... --> 3D views --> Model render distance (400 the default)
  3. @Winning117 don't lick it !! @z0mb13 srsly ... which server can't handle the hyphens ?? which letters/characters enabled ?? @Mr. Halt thanks and yeah, you was a bad kid i guess you posted some images ... and i see the red columns ... you lagged or everything okay ?? @yomox9 it's okay =) but i will check why spamming this line on dev. btw ... Merry Christmas =)
  4. nmo_xmas ________________________________________________________________ media: ________________________________________________________________ download: dropbox/nmo_xmas_0-1-0.zip ________________________________________________________________ credits: special thanks DeeVee Willy0077 map author CheetahPoizon ________________________________________________________________ for server admins: - delete the old versions - don't rename the files - don't upload on an unlimited ammo/gunmenu server ________________________________________________________________ changelog: 0.1.0 (25/12/2015) - release ________________________________________________________________
  5. http://wiki.nomoreroominhell.com/wiki/Objectives_Setup "anti" stuff i hope this is what you want
  6. "texture errors, texture errors everywhere" i found a temporary solution more than 1 year if this trick still working, give me feedback and i will post this video ... everywhere !!
  7. updated: 0.1.2 (25/11/2015) - [fixed] floor IX: stuck in the elevator door (reported by Bobschke)
  8. next updates = bug fixing later i will add/change some stuff
  9. @durkhaz~ candle @Porkchops4lunch yup, first map =) @Atheist because the pilot is a coward, and the survivors find alternative way (story continue) @yomox9 hmmm ... i will change to nmo_panel_0-1-1 ... because i want to hold the sematic versioning system right, the readme.txt ... i forget it edited: done thanks the comments, i hope everybody enjoying the map =)
  10. and worked ?? just because in map filename you can't use dot/dots
  11. i dont tell you now, because spoiler =) first post updated
  12. nmo_panel ________________________________________________________________ media: ________________________________________________________________ download: dropbox/nmo_panel_0-1-2.zip ________________________________________________________________ credits: alpha testers Bobschke DeeVee dickgirl gül21 Lia Syaht Tha Baboon Willy0077 map author CheetahPoizon ________________________________________________________________ for server admins: - delete the old versions - don't rename the files - don't upload on an unlimited ammo/gunmenu server ________________________________________________________________ changelog: 0.1.2 (25/11/2015) - [fixed] floor IX: stuck in the elevator door (reported by Bobschke) 0.1.1 (14/11/2015) - file names changed to nmo_panel_0-1-1 0.1.0 (13/11/2015) - release ________________________________________________________________
  13. Really nice beta update !! =) Bouncing zombies head ... amazing bug: Something wrong with the "ammobox_flare". not spawn on nmo_junction > spawn shop > image not spawn on nmo_toxteth > basement place > image givecurrentammo working > image not showed the flares icon > image I think not maps bug. Just me or global beta problem ?? Hope, i helped a little bit =)
  14. The ladder working good, just move little right. And don't use the jump button on ladder. The lots of zombies in start, i think this teaching how use the melee weapons. I'm not a map designer, i just like this game =) Good job guys/girls !! PS: my english not the best.
  15. Purple wall/water/etc. fixer If you see this: image Solution 1: start the game --> options --> video --> advanced... --> High Dynamic Range = Full (if available) image Solution 2: image