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  1. It seems like the map is not optimized because the zombies' frames per second is low. Also, many of the walls are not working properly. I was not opted into beta when I was playing this so that may possibly be the cause?
  2. Played with the mat_specular 0. Overall a fun map but I believe it can be much better. The end for me was a bit disappointing. I was expecting some runners and hordes, but by the end of the two minutes, they were barely walking into the protection area. Wasn't sure why the screen turns white like a nuclear blast has just happened. The insides of the graves were the purple and black missing textures, and there were some ERRORS along the map (I think they were missing cars). This is all for v2. Like what Fersigal said in his imgur comments, it felt like it was too easy.
  3. Lighting is not working for me, things appear to be shiny. Is it only happening to me? Any way to fix this? I made sure to put the additional models, materials, and sounds that came with this map in the correct NMRiH folders.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I will follow your advice the next time I try playing it. I can't even finish it on classic, so baby steps for me . I'd say it's possible, but it's definitely one of the toughest objective map endings that I've ever played, custom or official.
  5. I could never solo-finish the last part of this map. Version 3 has even more runners, and I couldn't survive the first two minutes. However, I never tried barricading myself in the store, because it would make me a sitting duck. Aside from the end of the map, I love it. The puzzles, quirks, storyline, and special zombies keep me coming back to play it over and over.
  6. Some more glitches I discovered: 1. After boarding the train, the zombies got stuck at the loading dock. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=754092483 2. I don't know if it is glitch or I just didn't figure it out, but after turning on the switch and power goes out, there is nowhere to go. 3. After hacking computer, finding a way to escape, or flipping switch, if you push e (use command) it has the option to do it again and again. 4. Impossible to pick items up in the train, moving or not moving.
  7. When I reach the part where I started, it is much to difficult. Maybe it is because I played solo, but I cannot imagine how you can defeat this hallway with the limited weapons, inadequate lighting, and narrow maneuvering. I tried leading them out to the lighted area but they kept on spawning in. May I suggest either spawning a fixed number of zombies (if that is possible) or significantly lowering the amount of zombies that respawn? It may be easier if you have partial lighting in other areas. Or if you like it this dark my opinion is to spawn less zombies in it.
  8. I stopped at the 11th wave. The map looks really nice, except it is too easy. 10 zombies start with +15 each wave, with a drop every wave is much too easy for me. I did not have to give a second thought about ammunition. Even as a beginner's map I think there should be less drops. Possible solutions I offer: Either having a drop every 3 or more waves, or setting the zombie number higher at the beginning.
  9. For ammo and guns, I would either have a good amount starting on the map, then having one or two supply drops (campblood is an example), or have scarce beginning and do a few waves (flooded is an example). I like a tough challenge, maybe put a small amount with one or two drops. That's my opinion though.
  10. Still optimizing this map hammercore? Would love to play it without lag! Seems like an awesome map!!!
  11. I don't like that when I get here, I can't jump over when my inventory is semi-full. But then when I try throwing my loot over, the electricity blows away all my weapons. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=671862580 (where it's at)
  12. Ran into some invisible stairs while playing. Other than that I think it is a nice map so far. I like how you used a mixture of many of your other maps in this. The radios are also fun too (Couldn't post the picture because it said "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community.") http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/267212139237415796/51193B7F080233B0DB70547EDA32E0073295F1C2/
  13. Ahhh gotcha. I guess I will try to figure these secrets out by myself
  14. With that being said, I don't know how to get to the other door with weapons. I must be oblivious to things in this map, perhaps it is the awkward lighting (to me).
  15. I know this is a early stage map, and this may be a silly thing, but I have no clue how to reach the orange key. I tried lots of things, read the map thoroughly, and I have no clue what that isolated button is for upstairs. Help would be nice :3
  16. Haha yes yomox9, you are probably right. It should like like a L4D level. I wish there were health boxes in the checkpoint area. Sometimes I did this on casual to do respawns, but 1 respawn for 10 zombies made it too easy.
  17. I got to the part with the red door, but where to go after that? Is that it? The objective was stuck at "GET TO THE WAGON". I got to the wagon and the objective did not move on. The M16 ammo in the boxcar was not allowing to give me ammo.
  18. I was playing with my friend, and when it was time to find a way to get over the fence, he got stuck while he was placing the box. I don't know if there is a way to fix this, but it is just to let you know. Even though we have not actually finished the entire map (did not make it to extraction), I like this map very much. Excellent work.
  19. I thought it was only happening to me, but since Porkchops4Lunch brought it up, I guess it is a problem with the map. I gave up before reaching the medkit because I had no clue how to get there and the lag was making me nauseous.
  20. Very cool map. I like the concept that you really had to find the welder, and the compass would not tell you where it is. A couple notes of feedback: The crowbar glow (green) is the same as the key to unlock the door. We thought the crowbar was to the door because of this. Also, at the second crowbar objective, we thought we needed to backtrack and use the old crowbar. Maybe switch what to pry one of them open with? Lastly, the TNT reappeared when the TNT objective was already finished. Other than those small issues, very nice map.
  21. I don't see a parent post for Flowing Disaster, so I will stick it here. If you want to delete or move it Short Drop I'm fine with it. I cannot stay silent about this map. Beta 3 is horrendous, the top of the water is no longer transparent. This becomes a problem because now there are crawlers, and you can only see them if you are crouching. The real problem is that when you are crouching in the water, you cannot use your weapon. I died too many times blind shooting and shoving at zombies. If somebody knows how to fix it, that would be really nice.
  22. DavL is correct, nothing else spawns other than the initial weapons. This is also the case with the ocwd_waking_dead, in which the map has no items at all! If anybody knows how to edit the map to spawn items again that would be fantastic, I'm not the person for that kind of thing.
  23. Played this map the other day with a friend. The two main issues I have is some zombies just stand outside the spawn zone and do nothing, we had to use guns to start the next round. The other issue was we didn't know it ended after the 9th wave, and the train wooshed by way too fast, so we could not get on.
  24. Just a few things after playing it a few times and the furthest I reached was the emergency room: 1. The positioning to type the code for the safe at the beginning is weird. 2. In order to complete the objective to break in the gun store, I had to weld both doors open (the second one was invisible). 3. In general, I think the long, snowy trails are too tough considering how many children zombies there are. If I may, I would suggest less children zombie spawns or perhaps even putting the buildings closer.
  25. Flowing Disaster's file is no longer there. I have beta 2 but is broken near the end,and I was looking forward to the beta 3.