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  1. Tricking many nmo players into playing a nms had always been the worst part of my maps, other than overusing turrets and mechanics stolen from other games. Thus I start to think that I am a big liar, questioning my own morality. Nmo_dimension was no exception a fake nmo, so I decided to stop the false ads and make some real fresh objectives. Everything that was already in the map is still there, with a lot of updates to them. The real deal is that I am extending the map twice as large with new chapters and missions (adventure). Meanwhile I am seeing how far I can take on the entdata. Right now it's at 170% and the map is only 70% done. Is there a WR for this? No? ok...
  2. Version 3 - Fixed a game-crashing bug - Turret AIs are no longer confused when zombies are in base - Turret power-up picking up now shows hint - Added a new turret - Added 1911 Pistol as starting weapon and Mac 10 as dropped item.
  3. An abandoned bunker has been discovered by a group of explorers. To their surprise, utilities inside the bunker remains functional, yet the property owners are missing. Before they could further examine details, they quickly find out they are in a hostile situation.- 15 minutes survival- Has custom ending- Self-piloted/player-controlled turrets, 2 machine guns & 1 grenade launcher- Dropped items including better guns, medic kits and turret upgrades Download: https://gamebanana.com/maps/202747
  4. Version 2 - Added armor vest as dropped item. - Kills achieved with turrets can no longer drop item. - Enhance sun lighting. - Improved navigation. - Minor tweaks.
  5. What will be washed up on shore will be a brain, next to it, a note saying that eating the brain will guide you through the dimensions in search of positive light.
  6. It's been 2 years. With a fresh perspective, I'm feeling like proceeding with this map. Although my previous laptops were either broken or stolen, I was surprised that I am able to retain many previous BSPs from either earlier uploads or published copies, and got surprised again by how easy it is to decompile a protected map. I am glad that most of them are the latest versions. So I decompiled them and decided to finish up what I have left off. After presuming them as lost projects along my broken/stolen laptops, I cherish them even more when I got them back :). This map has carried a lot of my memories as well as accompanying me through some of my darkest time, and I think its theme is more interesting than the rest, plus that I want an objective title completely under my name haha. Hopefully I can complete it before nmrih1 community disappears lol. Update 1.10 just came out, so maybe it will hold on a bit longer.
  7. In the main store, the bright floor kind of steals the focus from the gallery of guns.
  8. I have been playing this map for 4 years and thought you wouldnt update it any more. Now the update is finally here! Looking forward to it!
  9. v2 -Navigation fixed, thanks to Yomox9's report -Fixed missing textures for perk bottles
  10. Hey zombie lovers, ========================================================================================================= Here is a remade of Pork's nmo_verruckt to fit in some of the major Call-of-duty features: Money, wall-buy, perks and zombies! Enjoy it while you are still safe from zombie infection. =========================================================================================== Total waves: 25 Features: - Regenerative health. - Barricade points across the map. - Mystery box. - Electric Traps. - Separate player spawns. - A set of weapons different from galleria. - More perk machines. Download: https://gamebanana.com/maps/199010 Credits: Porkchop4lunch: Author of the original map: "nmo_verruckt" RhymeOfRime: Lighting, redesign, color correction, ending cinematic vfx
  11. Thanks for support yomox. I noticed a few barricade spots where zombies don't try to break wood planks and get clogged behind the barricade. Is it the same to this one too? Or do zombies hang out down the stairs and don't come up, she meant?
  12. good stuffs never last.
  13. Like I said earlier, you need to optimize the entity traffic or the map can't maintain a stable workflow. Any gun menu or plugins that spawn stuffs can easily max out the rest of the edict count left in the map. (People do not understand or care about hammer editor & engine limit.) Having 400+ shamblers and hundreds of other entities spawned across a map is reasonable if they can all be seen by players. However in this map there is no reason to max out the edicts (even with force spawners). Like extra amount of zombies? Gotta do extra optimization to accommodate the feature. As you are adding decorative elements and new areas lately, why not consider to slow down and take time to try to optimize? I have a few options here: - Use triggers to monitor players in order to toggle spawns near them! It's not an ideal option, but a totally viable solution! - No zombie respawn. Have them spawned only when players enter a new area. This way you can spawn more in a hallway and have players to clean them one area at a time. No worry about too many pre-spawned zombies. - Just less zombies & less spawners. - Remove the random spawners after the weapons are spawned at the map start. They take up to 65 edicts.
  14. v13 update: - Divide the map into three modes: Lone Island: Survive 12 waves in the spawn room; has its unique ending. Vanilla: Standard galleria Day 100: Walker mode (suggested by yomox) - Added PHD Flopper machine - Changed Speed Cola model into Stamin-up model - Npc upgrades cheaper - Npc name tag flickering fixed - Progamer fixes - Map optimization - Other fixes
  15. THIS IS A SURVIVAL MAP! A rip-off from Call Of Duty Zombie game mode, set in a CS:Source map called css_galleria modified and added with my own elements, this map features a cod-ish survival where you can buy weapons to fight the hordes that grow increasingly tougher as the waves progress and unlock areas that widen the space for you to run from the hordes. - No upper limit for player's hp - 99.99% infection rate - You get 1$ for each time you hit the zombie, regardless of damage amount. - Each kill gives 2$ - Press E on the wall to purchase what's painted on the wall - Bug solution: If you encounter the purchase bug and can't buy anything, go back to spawn room and press E around the barrel. The bug should be fixed and you can buy again. Download: http://gamebanana.com/maps/download/193319
  16. When I started the map, there are 300+ shamblers and 100+ runners spawned instantly across the map. That is crazy. I am not sure if the LOS and distant feature of the npc maker works properly but you need to give it a try in order to avoid unnessary spawns. Or else you could try to set up some triggers on each floor and have them keep track of where players are at. Only spawn zombies on floors players are present and remove those which arent. That will definitely lower the edicts a lot. Donnt worry about the so-called entdata, what actually matters is how many dynamic entities are active in game per instance. By the current state, your zombies take up to almost 50% of the edict count, which could be avoided if you manage the in-game entities well. Also try to cut down other entities to save space. info_decal secretly takes edicts, replace them with overlay, if you ever use info-decal.
  17. For a second I thought this was a ported map from the vertigo in counter strike series. Looks interesting, very standard nmrih objective map. Judging from the screenshots I think maybe it needs some more sections that allow people to get a open city view from the inside, that'd be one thing I expect to see from a building map. For example nmo_panel on the other hand is a fully enclosed map (beside the ending where we can never get to any way), which I feel a little unsatisfied. I don't know yet, just some first thought on the screenies. Maybe I need to play it. Also please attach the screenshots here. Copy the image link from the gamebanana page, it should work.
  18. vehicles

    v2 update: -5 easter eggs -2 hidden vehicles -All vehicles are accessed by button-pressing, no more confusing walk-in jump-in stuffs -Ending bug fix
  19. vehicles

    It was a gmod map made by BigWig. There are some modified versions of the maps, among which one was ported for nmrih that consists of players doing objectives in the bigcity. However I am not very fond of the idea of walking the entire map on foot. So i made a version of mine with a lot of vehicles.Originally planned to keep it as a server-specific map and mainly for friends, i found it being leaked to another server. since I don't really bother to argue with its host, I am going to release this as a public map now.So what does this map offer?VEHICLES! A LOT OF CONTROLLABLE VEHICLES!You can choose to do the objectives with your team, or decide to start a pvp war against your team with vehicles!A complete guide for vehicles here: Coming soon Downloads: http://gamebanana.com/maps/download/196372
  20. Seeing this map's updates is like living through a journey.
  21. v12 update: -Added custom ending. -Previous secret npcs are now buy-able items and their stats can be upgraded. -Buy-able respawn for every one. -Npcs can't be hurt by friendly fire. -Damage dealt by npcs earns cash for every player. -Cubemap tweaks. -Speedcola model shows for a tiny interval of time after purchase. -Minor lighting change.
  22. You can try generic_actor with the national guard model, but it wont do anything unless you specify certain animations using scripted_sequences. Also the ng animations might not work properly in multiplayer. Not sure why but the npc just teleports around when walking/running.
  23. Start booking rooms in hell now for 80% off! Exclusively for humans!
  24. survival

    It looks fairly well for a starter map. Although I wouldn't say a drive-thru restaurant should have any fancy design element with it, you could still consider adding details so that people won't bitch it looking boxy or anything they may dig up from other maps and expecting you to put those into yours too. On the lighting matter, I'd like to see various lighting style for each zone. Adding several light sources will certainly increase the dynamic of the lighting. Instead of giving one direction of lighting on the interiors, try with multiple and put them at different spot. Each prop will look more "volumetric" than if were shined in one-direction. Though I didn't mean to put high-intensity lights because then the interiors would look rather full-bright. Don't hesitate if you want to experiment with different light colors too. I would suggest to use blue-tinted light on the bathroom for example.
  25. v11 update: -Fixed the trigger glitch (all turrets, mines and big pills etc are working now) -Added Monkey Bomb -Added powerups (very rare spawn tho) -Added npc easter eggs -Optimization -Credits room