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  1. Ayy, there is still a survivor!
  2. I took some time during the pandemic lockdown working on an objective map for a game about pandemic. Thus far it’s been fully layout and has most of the objectives implemented. The next stage is to put props and details. Different from my past maps, this map is also to experiment different mapping technique by not focusing too much on small stuffs and hopefully in later stage I wouldn’t be overwhelmed by stress to wrap up a map. Meanwhile I am also implementing the same technique on nmo_dimension, so that will be wrapped up and get polished too. This celestial map will average plays like 30 minutes and probably 50 if you are the first time or being the check-every-corner type players. There are secret rooms at different places. They reward you with special items that I prototyped recently with intricate entities wiring (no they won’t make the game explode, entdata 30% and edicts about 200+/2000 so far, trynna be as vanilla as possible) Just wanna share something here. If any one is still around. Stay tuned and stay healthy.
  3. Version 3 - Fixed a game-crashing bug - Turret AIs are no longer confused when zombies are in base - Turret power-up picking up now shows hint - Added a new turret - Added 1911 Pistol as starting weapon and Mac 10 as dropped item.
  4. Version 2 - Added armor vest as dropped item. - Kills achieved with turrets can no longer drop item. - Enhance sun lighting. - Improved navigation. - Minor tweaks.
  5. An abandoned bunker has been discovered by a group of explorers. To their surprise, utilities inside the bunker remains functional, yet the property owners are missing. Before they could further examine details, they quickly find out they are in a hostile situation.- 15 minutes survival- Has custom ending- Self-piloted/player-controlled turrets, 2 machine guns & 1 grenade launcher- Dropped items including better guns, medic kits and turret upgrades Download: https://gamebanana.com/maps/202747
  6. What will be washed up on shore will be a brain, next to it, a note saying that eating the brain will guide you through the dimensions in search of positive light.
  7. It's been 2 years. With a fresh perspective, I'm feeling like proceeding with this map. Although my previous laptops were either broken or stolen, I was surprised that I am able to retain many previous BSPs from either earlier uploads or published copies, and got surprised again by how easy it is to decompile a protected map. I am glad that most of them are the latest versions. So I decompiled them and decided to finish up what I have left off. After presuming them as lost projects along my broken/stolen laptops, I cherish them even more when I got them back :). This map has carried a lot of my memories as well as accompanying me through some of my darkest time, and I think its theme is more interesting than the rest, plus that I want an objective title completely under my name haha. Hopefully I can complete it before nmrih1 community disappears lol. Update 1.10 just came out, so maybe it will hold on a bit longer.
  8. In the main store, the bright floor kind of steals the focus from the gallery of guns.
  9. I have been playing this map for 4 years and thought you wouldnt update it any more. Now the update is finally here! Looking forward to it!
  10. v2 -Navigation fixed, thanks to Yomox9's report -Fixed missing textures for perk bottles
  11. Thanks for support yomox. I noticed a few barricade spots where zombies don't try to break wood planks and get clogged behind the barricade. Is it the same to this one too? Or do zombies hang out down the stairs and don't come up, she meant?
  12. Hey zombie lovers, ========================================================================================================= Here is a remade of Pork's nmo_verruckt to fit in some of the major Call-of-duty features: Money, wall-buy, perks and zombies! Enjoy it while you are still safe from zombie infection. =========================================================================================== Total waves: 25 Features: - Regenerative health. - Barricade points across the map. - Mystery box. - Electric Traps. - Separate player spawns. - A set of weapons different from galleria. - More perk machines. Download: https://gamebanana.com/maps/199010 Credits: Porkchop4lunch: Author of the original map: "nmo_verruckt" RhymeOfRime: Lighting, redesign, color correction, ending cinematic vfx
  13. good stuffs never last.