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  1. Thank you
  2. U mean i need to create anti-objectives visgroup that my all items won't be visible?
  3. Hi there! I've created visgroup which called as my objective but all items for objectives is visible before objectives starts? How to make all items for my objectives not visible before my objective starts?
  4. Synthesizer and fl studio 10
  5. Demo: http://s9.fl-studio.ru/files/510-UNDERGROUDN.mp3
  6. Hi there) Here is my horror and at the same time atmospheric music for my map, i'm waiting for your comment. Music: http://s9.fl-studio.ru/files/504-RAVENHOLM.mp3
  7. i'll try
  8. Any help?
  9. Wow. Looks great
  10. Hi there! How can i break a lock(prop_physics) only with gun? I tried filter_damage_type with damage type: bullet but it isn't works.
  11. Thank you for answer. There can't be leaks 'cause i have skybox block i made it with function "Make hollow".
  12. Hi there! I have some problems with compile my map. My comrade gave me a map without leaks, so i added zombie spawn on the map and compiled it and logs show me that my map have leak, because of leak a part of the map was cut. I gave my compiled map to my comrade, he compiled and said that there are no leaks. So maybe my hammer editor was broken or smth wrong with configuration. Plz answer me if you know how it fix. Thanks.
  13. Good job
  14. Thank you we knew about it and fixed