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  1. Been getting frequent server crashes and also client console error "too many vertex changes, world not rendered" spam on this map, but only this one. Did a bit of the dev build data not get included into the release data?
  2. why is it always something simple and obvious to others that i never notice myself? ty much, was overly bogged down with massive sv_ cvarlist and missed the fix.
  3. Got my dedicated server back up and running, and it stays up even when people join now. The problem is, I have a password set, and typing just 'password' into console returns the correct password as the value of that cvar, but on the server list it doesn't show password indicator, and it won't ask clients attempting to connect either. I am at a point where I don't know what else to look into in order to fix this, and due to the needs of the group I am running it for, I can't use a whitelist to limit access either. Any thoughts? PS server ip is to see for yourself if you want... it isn't like I can stop anyone at this point
  4. hole in the world in nmo_brooklyn in the shower stall's rear wall at the bottom-left corner... will update with screenshot next time i get a chance to play
  5. What build should I get for stability and compatibility for 1.08, do you know?
  6. More bayonets!
  7. Bear traps... the kind that have steel jaws and snap shut when the pressure plate is disturbed... since proximity explosives are a bit non-civilian availability?
  8. I just password ours, and put the url for our site in the server name... if they want to play with us, they need to head there first.
  9. I am perfectly happy with rcon functionality, however not all my moderators are quite as tech-savvy. however, they also want as 'pure' a server as possible and both they and I are adamantly against !guns, unlimited ammo, or non-official map mods. I am really tempted to just write a .cfg with all the alias set up they'd need with more ease of use...
  10. mp_winlimit is working for me, or whatever the exact cvar is
  11. I am looking into whether sv_specnoclip 0 can help deal with it, simply by forcing spectator cam players to be limited to areas reachable without being able to ignore collision.
  12. Been reading a fair bit of how mp_maxrounds doesn't trigger to cycle a new map, but mp_timelimit does. Is it possible that since only one team has players, the other having ai, the "round" end of either survivors being overrun or being extracted, doesn't count as an event to trigger the engine registering a round end? given that mp_ cvar govern multiplayer portions of the engine, it seems to me potentially not registering a round simply because coop vs ai round is not the same round for player vs player as far as the server is concerned? Don't know if there is the reason why mp_maxrounds won't trigger a map cycle, but it might be worth looking into. It also might explain why I'm also hearing about maps rotating in the middle of a map with survivors still alive for some folks. Also don't know if there'd be any way to fix the problem if this is the case, but I will continue testing and pursuing this in more detail.
  13. http://bit.ly/1qV60de'>like this? seriously, nothing google gives me is more recent than 8 months ago, and I doubt my server users would appreciate me having to get it back working again after installing something that far out of date. I guess I'll just simply alias some rcon commands for my admins until I can get more useful information.
  14. I am hesitant to install any mods since the group I'm hosting a dedicated server for agrees with devs as far as !guns and unlimited ammo type things are concerned. However, it is rather awkward to only have rcon to operate the server, and especially since the maps are currently not rotating after the number of rounds set in mp_maxrounds either. Is there a mod I can assign people as admin that can be used to handle things like map rotation, map changes, kicks, bans and so on? Trying to keep the server as the game as the devs intended it to be.
  15. What is your first name or screenname? Sean What is your Timezone/General Location? Pacific (GMT -8) URL to Steamcommunity Profile (Link to your steam profile) http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198012618763/'>link Do you have prior Alpha/Beta Testing Experiences? (Not needed but feel free to brag) Some closed beta testing with games, familiar with bug reproduction and documentation required for reporting purposes. What are your computers specs? (ram, processor, graphics card, operating system, etc.) IntelĀ® Core i5, 3 GB RAM, Windows 7 professional 64 bit, AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5000, also can use http://pcpartpicker.com/p/KTWh99'>this Have something else you wish to voice? (Optional) [NMRiH]Bard is someone I know from a shared gaming community, although I don't know if that is a good thing yet