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  1. Story Campaign for NMRIH My New idea for NMRIH is to add a Story Campaign Mode. Now the story should/could be how all the characters meet up. Now there be Seven parts of the story all together. STORY 1- Bateman STORY 2- Jive STORY 3- Wally STORY 4- The Hunter STORY 5- Molotov STORY 6- Badass The Final Story 7- How they all meet up Added Story- *Barbara Grimes*, NPC(should be an playable character later) The Story Should have a lot/some Zombie Easter Eggs/References from Zombie TV Shows, Movies, Videogames, Books, etc. The story should be well played good/great. The Survivors story should be each unique and different Badass should have the Best Story Campaign because she new. Here's where me/Fans come I. I would be Glad/happy to write or help write the story for the Story Campaign. But also the fans can help write it to.....simple a vote for parts you should add in the Story Campaign. They can vote what they want to see and you guys/we can implement the best we/you guys can! Also the Story can possibly tell how humans are able to come back alive/become zombies in The NMRIH Universe! The Story Villains can be an *National Guards and their leader Barbara Grimes* LOL , but Badass story could/should be her defeating The National Guard in the Survivor city.* The Story can use all the old maps already made! For a Reward the players who beat every Story Campaign, (but not including Barbara Grimes story) get two new maps, a new mode and Barbara Grimes as a Character!!!!! I hope whoever reading this like my idea or some parts and consider it! Thanks for reading. To the developer's if you do add this please give me credit! *1. Barbara Grimes is a mix of two fictional characters Barbara from "Night of The Living Dead 1968" and Rick Grimes from "The Walking Dead 2010". *2 Barbara Grimes is an National Guard and has her Squad/Teammates. Her Teammates die one by one and she is the last one standing, at the end is a cliffhanger on her Story Campaign when she meets Badass and has what Badass wants! *3 Keep in mind these are the earlier days of the Zombie Apocalypse! *4 Badass is a new Character made by the developer's and she a female!
  2. lol Which one are you taking about!?
  3. NPC Bandit?! I have a new/old idea for the game. The developers should add NPC Bandits. Bandits can be a large threat to the Player(s)/Survivor(s) but cant/wont be Super HARD or Super EASY. They can be at a medium. Bandits can become a great part of this game, but not over shadowing the Zombies. Bandits cant be real easily taken over by Survivor(s)/Players(s) but can be by Zombies. Bandits would be in cover by sandbags or in a building. Their aim will be off as they try to kill the Survivor(s)/Player(s). But wont miss every shot and their health is the same as the Zombies. The Bandits are not easy to approach which means the Player(s)/Survivor(s) has to think on their hands to Survive. Some Bandits can do a rare thing: Suicide, when their the last Bandit in their group. Bandits can be on big maps where you expect to find people. Like Chinatown, Junction, etc. Bandits goal as you expect to steal the Player(s)/Survivor(s). Mostly for Gear, Ammo, Guns, Melees. When you kill an Bandit you get their Guns, Ammo and Melee's. The room, sandbag or building their found around/in should have dead body's to show they killed people. Bandits can become an enemy, but not a big one that takes the fun out of killing zombies and having fun with friends. The Bandits wont/cant take the feel of The Survival Horror of Zombies, running out of Ammo, running of Stamina or not able to get away from Zombies! I hope you consider this and put this in effect. The National Guard could be easily modified to become an NPC Bandit(s).
  4. NPC Bandit instead? This idea is Brilliant but were missing one important NPC...........a Bandit. I know you said Looters but they not really a threat to the Player. Truth be told the only Human threat/NPC is a "Bandit". Bandits can be a large threat to us but cant/wont be Super hard and NOT Super esay too. Bandits can be/become a great part of this game but not overshadowing the main characters, the Zombies. Bandits can be easily taken over by Zombies and Players but not easy to approach. So the Players have to think on their toes and hands! Some Bandits can do suicide when their the last one or close to being the last one! Bandits can be become an enemy, but not a big one that takes the feel of the survival Horror of Zombies, running out of Ammo or Stamina or not able to run around Zombies. I think and know draco122 idea is Brilliant and Simple. But to Program it in the game is a different story. But it will be worth it in the long run! Thank you for reading. -IS@!@hq R!P
  5. IS@!@Hq R!P Beta Tester Application *Please read and Thank You for reading* My(IS@!@Hq R!P) Application My First Name and Screenname Isaiah and IS@!@Hq R!P My Timezone/General Location USA(CST)Chicago URL to my Steamcommunity Proflie http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198121161141/ Do I have prior Alpha/Beta Testing Experience No, But I like to by Beta testing NMRINH!!!! My computers Specs Processor Intel ® Core i3-3227U CPU @ 1.90GHz, 1901 Mhz, 2 Core(s), Logical Processor(s) Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 6.00 GB System Type x64-based PC Free Space 322 GB My Voice I like to be a Beta Tester for NMRIH because its an Amazing game. I like to have experience being a Beta Tester for the game and will like to start my first test on NMRIH.