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  1. I'm quite sure the dev's already know about this, as it is stated that NMRIH is affected by this exploitation. But I'm just gonna post this so that everyone is aware of this. Be careful out there guys.
  2. Literally any of these. I'm actually saving up to buy a few, never can have too many blades http://www.zombietools.net/products/blades/
  3. Awesome, I can't wait to see it, thanks rock. I kinda figured that was a texture bug, just seemed so strange. That makes sense, they're already half way through retiring it anyways. I can completely understand that reason for why there are no identifying patches besides ranks. So are you saying for example if a Lieutenant is killed it will affect the NG squad in a certain way as opposed to a Private being killed? That's really interesting, I can't wait to see that. Thanks for the quick replies.
  4. I've noticed something..strange..about the infected US Army personnel . They seem to have private stripes with a black background where a unit patch should be. Since he's wearing multicam, he's active duty combat deployed US Army, as only National Guard and non combat deployed active duty wear ACU pattern now. Other than that rank patch, the model is absolutely beautiful . I'm pulling this straight from US Army regulation AR 670-1 "Once Soldiers report to their first units, they wear their command's patch on their left sleeves. When deployed to a designated combat zone, Soldiers may also wear the company-level or higher patch that they serve with on their right sleeves." Getting to my suggestion, replace the rank patch with a division patch and a flag patch 10th Mountain Division 1st Infantry Division 4th Infantry Division I can completely understand the fact that they were probably set like this due to the fact that there are so many divisions that would be sent to fight the hordes of the undead and that picking one would just be lore breaking. This is just a suggestion. As a side note, I enjoy this game quite a lot, I love how quickly new updates come out and how much work is put into this game which is entirely FREE and is amazing when some games that cost an arm and a leg can't even stand up to a 4th of the quality this game.
  5. I play on them occasionally when I just want to rapidly kill things as quickly as possible [Evil Laughter Inserted Here] What I've found annoying about infinite ammo servers is that the majority of servers that have the tag, actually aren't infinite ammo. Joined one yesterday on Prison map, it turned out it wasn't infinite ammo but it didn't matter because me and a friend held out to wave 10 and escaped by ourselves and managed to round up the other players who were fucking around and get them on the bus with us with no problems. I see it as more of a fun mode for the game rather than a hideout for people who can't handle the hardcore nature of the game.
  6. Am I the only one that wants an M1 Garand? That *pa-ching* makes me unnaturally happy. So here's my list. Ignore it, love it, hate it, whatever. Pistols: CZ75, Sig Sauer Mosquito Submachine Guns: Thompson 45, UMP (NPC carried?) Rifles (Semi and Full Auto): M1 Garand, M14, HK416, M21 DMR (Marine NPC weapon?) Rifles (Bolt Action): Mosin Nagant w/bayonet I personally think it would be really enjoyable to fight off a horde using a Mosin or a Garand. But that's just my idea and that is what this board is for, ideas.