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  1. I'm interested in seeing what your Substance Painter doc looks like, could you upload the entire window? Your low poly topology looks pretty alright, but I'm a little worried about your UV-maps and texturing. I'd recommend taking your time to make something you're proud of instead of trying to rush something out in an hour.
  2. Awesome! I'll probably use this x3
  3. Nailgun (This is a tool, not a weapon.) I'm not suggesting shooting nails at zombies, I'm suggesting a tool that would assist players in boarding up faster. This could be useful for map specific objectives, and keeping up defenses in survival. Pros and Cons vs. Barricade Hammer Pros: ~ 33% faster boarding up speed Can suicide with Stronger Shove Cons: Heavier Less Melee damage
  4. You've seen a SPAS-12 at the Outdoors store?
  5. So kitchen knives would have an ammo type of kitchen knife?
  6. The modular weapons system seems pretty amazing
  7. Awesome. What program did you use to make these?
  8. Yes. I am behind you on this one. Openly available on the civilian market, everybody has at least heard of Hi-Point. Unique, haven't seen any games really include it. And it's in that weird zone between ugly and cool. I think the majority of mods would be client side so it's not like it's ruining the character of the game unless people choose to install mods that would do so. I get what you're saying though the Steam workshop tends to open the floodgates to mediocre content. Probably lots of skins made in MS Paint :/
  9. oh I liek the peepsight idea
  10. It's still the same basic weapon. It's like saying we should add a PP-19 After we just said we wouldn't add any variant of an AK (Although in this example both these weapons actually exist). I personally love the PP-19 but I know it wouldn't fit into the lore or feel of the game. It's the same with any variant of the P90. There are loads of people already confused as to which boxes of ammo go with what weapon. Having an oddball box that only works with two exceedingly rare guns, wouldn't make much sense. The 5.7x28 cartridge IS very neat. The guns that fire it are neat as well. But realistically it is only available to a few very wealthy people, and adding it would detract from the 'average joe' vibe that we have going with our protagonists.
  11. I don't know if grenades explode when you shoot them.
  12. As far as full auto weapons go, what about bumpfire stock variations? A 10/22 with a bumpfire stock simulating full auto fire, is actually pretty believable. Firing full auto from only the waist (not Aiming Down Sights) could be an Interesting? mechanic yeah sadly as much as I love flamethrowers I don't see how they could get worked in :/ I've always wanted to see a postal 2 style gas can though lol. The only WW2 gun that I could think of working well would be the TT33, but I doubt we're adding a new caliber :/
  13. fucking double post
  14. Animal trap sounds kinda cool, no idea what it would take to animate and code something like that though. As much as I like the P90 not sure how 5.7x28 would realistically fit into the existing ammo types.