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  1. I've been looking at the servers you've put up, MurderCron - One of them seems to be at wave 26 so hopefully whatever was causing the server to time out was a temporary thing? I notice the helicopter is still getting bugged though, even on V1_1. I'm now going to take a look and see if I can see what's doing it. I also noticed that once you get into the later stages weapon pickups become an issue, so I will look at perhaps having a very slow periodic weapon spawning system. As far as the weapon emplacement goes, I'm wanting to get it right, so it might take a little while to appear Billionlioe your setup looks pretty good, thanks for giving me the ok to take a look at it - I'll be sure to credit where required once I know which direction I'm wanting to head in with this. Thanks again for the awesome feedback on this map.
  2. Really glad you like If this is on a local server you'll have to type the following in console: sv_cheats 1 nav_generate This will take around 5-10 minutes, during which time you won't be able to do anything, but when it finishes it will generate the .nav file which paths the zombies. Once done you can play the map on your own I've toned the fire damage down from 1.0 to 0.1, with a view to tweaking it so that the damage only happens in the correct areas (eg. in fire) in the future. Hopefully this will work for now Woop, glad you're enjoying it! Strange you mention this - it is something I've actually been testing a bit over the weekend! just wanting to get the right balance - my first version using a weapon emplacement was massively overpowered and turned the game into a point-and-squirt thing without much thought at all. My intention is to implement some kind of ammo/reload mechanic, in addition to placing the weapon in a useful position while at the same time making it vunerable to being flanked. I also wanted to put another zone down, which when lost would destroy the weapon emplacement. Another thing I've been looking at is air/artillery strikes or claymores or something similar. The idea again being to put in place a balancing mechanic to ensure it doesn't make the map too easy. That being said, I dislike running the whole map on timers as well, so I think the next thing would be to have periodically spawning items appearing "outside the wire" which have to be collected in order to earn the big bangs Hopefully will get a chance to look at this over the coming week and have something workable by mid-weekend! Thanks again for the feedback everyone, I'll be sure to keep updates coming as and when appropriate
  3. I've changed it just a little - now we have runners starting from the second wave, children at wave 6-7. I've changed the spawnrates of them around a little so that depending on which spawn is chosen by the logic_case, you'll get different enemies coming at you Hopefully this might make things a little more interesting. I've turned the numbers down just a little - starting at 50 now. The helicopter issue was a schoolboy error on my part - I missed something pretty obvious. It should be fixed now As a reward, seeing as you like the sniper rifle, I've added sniper ammo to the ammobox spawn so that you should get more use out of it this time around. Nav file is still an issue, one I won't get to look at immediately but as soon as I get a chance, I will give the methods suggested by durkhas a go Thanks again for the feedback - If there is anything else please don't hesitate to let me know. Link: https://www.mediafire.com/?m5fs8d751yhn0c5
  4. Thanks for the awesome feedback Really, really glad you're enjoying the map. Sorry if it gets boring after a while - I hope that once I add in the 'objective' themed aspects to the map that it will become a little more enjoyable. I'm confused by the chopper being bugged though - I tested it heavily before the final version. I'll take a look into it and see what I can find. I completely understand about runners - I was looking at ways that might allow me to create higher numbers of runners for later waves but so far I've not found a way to do this? For now I'll change it so they show up earlier vvis compiles almost instantly as far as I can see - just timed it and whole compile time is under 30 seconds. I'm assuming I need to place a few nodes to slim the nav file down? I'll take a look tonight! Thanks again.
  5. I've hosted the file below - There seems to be an issue with nav files, I hadn't been keeping an eye on them and the size seems to have crept up ever-so-slightly... 37mb! I have to admit that I've not placed any pathing nodes at all so far - will this bring the nav file size down a little? Either way, here's the map: https://www.mediafire.com/?la7vs164j4dmqai
  6. Hi everyone, my first go at a map - please be gentle!! I've recently stumbled onto NMRiH just under a month ago, found hammer editor, something I'd never seen before (despite playing loads of HL2 and CS:S), and so I've begun posting here a little and reading a lot. Sorry, I mean reading a lot! I've learned loads from what you guys n gals have all been saying and so hopefully this map might be something some people here enjoy - it has definitely provided a great experience to learn from. I've attempted to create a modernised, "Zombie Apocalypse" version of the Defence of Rorke's Drift. Right now this is a survival map, however I really hope to have an attempt at an objective/survival hybrid at some point very soon. So far the map has two zones, the redoubt at A and the hospital at B. The consequences of losing the hospital at B are that the building partially collapses, the existing small fire spreading and cutting off access to the medical supplies inside. If the redoubt at A is lost then a helicopter which would normally arrive after 10 minutes to deliver an ammocrate will no longer appear. The ammocrate the helicopter drops will dispense 7.62 ammo 20 times before disappearing, at which point the 10 minute timer for the helicopter will be restarted, provided A has not been lost. Additionally, losing A will mean the supplies in the redoubt are unaccessible. Zombies spawn in randomised areas around the outsides of the map - sometimes coming from just one side, sometimes appearing from everywhere at once! SKS rifles and 7.62mm ammunition are scattered liberally across the defensive wall, with a few boxes of grenades available and two sniper rifles with a small amount of rounds hidden in more or less obvious positions. The SKS is the main weapon on this map in an attempt to preserve the feel of the Martini-Henry rifles which were used by the 24th Regiment of Foot at the battle - while the winchester might seem a closer weapon, I thought the addition of the bayonet makes the SKS feel a little more well suited. I've tried to make this a map which would allow a good team to survive quite a long while if they are working together, but would be difficult to hold if people aren't pulling thier weight. For now I have the following things I mainly want to work on: - Atleast 2 more zones, hopefully to be placed outside the main defensive area. - Improve the helicopter movement. - Improve humvee steam/smoke. - Various lighting issues, like shadowed props even when using alternate lightsource and shadows disabled. - Walking up the ladder on the water tower sounds like wading through water (??). - Pathing for the zombies requires tidying! - Play-test feedback from others. EDIT - Download to the latest version as at 20/05/2014: https://www.mediafire.com/?m5fs8d751yhn0c5 NMS_Drift_V1_1 Fixed - Supply Helicopter not moving due to stupid error on my part. Thanks MurderCron! Change - Runners/Children spawning from wave 2. Change - Runners/Children spawning at varying rates from each spawn point. Change - Starting spawn count now 50. Change - Helicopter supply crate now dispenses .308 sniper ammo as well as 7.62. Change - Fire damage toned down. Here are a few screenshots:
  7. Ok - I will take a look and see which way mine are facing and whether it would be do-able to change without too much upheaval. Why is it that they should face east?
  8. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I think I might have worked it out - I've changed the orientation to be the same as the path_track's, then gone along my path and made each path_track face the direction I want for that leg of the journey I've been having graphics card issues at the moment so I haven't had a chance to test this out fully though. I hope to have a map ready to show with this working at some point soon!
  9. Thanks for the swift reply! I've tried doing this - it doesn't seem to work, unless I'm doing something wrong? What settings should the on the path_track ?
  10. On the topic of survival becoming more about endurance than strategy, I found this to be an issue too - one way I've been looking at attempting to get around it is by having multiple point templates/spawn points spread across the map and a random timer/case combination - with any existing spawn points being deleted and a new randomly chosen one being spawned every time OnTmer fires. I've had this working so that zombies come from different, randomly chosen directions from one wave to the next. This seems to help with the problem of survival mode devolving into looking at a window with the aiming reticule held at head height and clicking over and over with little feeling of having to think. I do agree that it is a big danger with survival mode though, one that any map maker should think long and hard about to avoid boredom/repetitiveness.
  11. Hi all, I'm attempting to add in a helicopter to a map. I want it to spawn, fly along a path_track and then disappear at the end of the path. I have a vague working example using a prop_dynamic which I will endeavour to post later on. I can get the helicopter to spawn and move along the path, however the issue I'm struggling to overcome is that the helicopter's orientation is wrong - it moves sideways along it's path. I've tried modifying the orientation type but it doesn't seem to help - is there something I'm missing? Does anyone have a working example of a dynamic prop following a path and correctly orienting itself I could take a peek at? Any help much appreciated! - Tron.
  12. Ah, ok - Thank you for the swift reply. I am currently looking at a work around by using a dynamic prop with an onPress event which will spawn a limited number of a certain type of items. Hopefully this will be just as good for now!
  13. Hi everyone, first post - be gentle! I've attempted to have a search for an answer to my problem, however I'm really beginning to struggle! I'm currently working on a map in hammer, it is my second map and I'm trying to figure out if it is possible to create an ammobox with contents that I set within the editor? Perhaps a way to modify the seemingly random NG helicopter resupply crate contents? Any help much appreciated! -Tron