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  1. I got my answer already.. 'null' in goldsource engine = 'nodraw' in source . Forgot about that.
  2. Hi there. It's 'null' texture missing from nmrih or it's with another name, other then 'null'? (In hammer).
  3. Should be nice if radius of light would be bigger.. or even to start fire on zombies
  4. why don't you continue your work ? looks great and i think you can finish it.
  5. enviroment looks nice !
  6. looks awesome, keep up good work
  7. i'm on my way to improve in this version @ i was having some problems with displacements because i worked only with goldsrc, and we don't have that tool
  8. few hours..
  9. FEATURES : 20 waves , 25+15 each wave ~ so it's hard 3 zones *ABC runners comming from wave #3 childs comming from wave #2 foggy rain with sound (set to 1) thunder lightning with realistic sound (hits in one spot from 20s and so on) supply drop in 2 waves + 2 (you need ammo to survive) a lot of spots that can help you survive,but not keeping the zone clear a lot of weapons (fire and melee) a lot of items a lot of random spawning a lot of sprays IN THIS VERSION, just 1 welding door IN THIS VERSION, just 1 barricading door IN THIS VERSION, just one crow flying around PLANNING FEATURES : more welding spots more flying birds more barricading doors improving the ambience with wind improving the map with other features adding grass and corect the walkable space adding traps and others fixing the enviroment walls more thunder lightnings creating a story! and more DOWNLOAD : http://nmrih.gamebanana.com/maps/181914SCREENS :
  10. Hi all, i want to submit a new map. FEATURES : - 20 waves - resupply 2w in 2 (because is hard) - first wave starts with 25 ZM +15 for each wave - runners are coming from wave 3 - childs are coming from wave 2 - fog and rain with perfect sounds - thunder light that hits from 20s in 20 - a flying crow that surrounds the map ~210 speed - a lot of spots that can help you stay alive,but not winning the map - just 1 welding door in this version - without a custom win scenario in this version I am begginer in source engine, so i accept all the critics and opinions. SCREENS :
  11. thank you for telling me what i want to hear ! I read something about include textures in map, but i was thinking that i need to do something like that with those textures/models that are in hammer, wich are default and i got it now - include only custom textures, got it ! @ sorry for my english , you can lock the topic,i got my answer .. have a nice day all !
  12. in goldsrc if you don't have your resources with your map , the game crashes.. so i want to know if i need someting else beside .bsp & .nav file
  13. So i have started to working on a map, and all goes fine but i have an simple question and i hope to get the answer. I use vhe from steam (that which is included in the game) and is working pretty well but if i have some of all textures (models to) from game in use, it would be needed to create some kind of resource file (in goldsrc we create a .res file) ? And if is like that,how can i do it ?
  14. i am looking for this people too , so add me on steam -> pmtoslade (112 hours since now..)