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  1. With a variety of cvars the developers made it fairly easy for server owners to change the gameplay of NMRiH. I'm curious how many people prefer vanilla gameplay over something different? I finally gave in and set up a server today after waiting 20 minutes for some kid obnoxiously holding a key to finally open a door on nmo_cabin (being able to slay these trolls will bring smiles), I ended up adjusting some of the server's gameplay settings to pick up the pace a little bit. I'm trying to keep it as balanced as possible, but here's a list of what I changed so far: Player movement is less restricting - Stamina cost for jumping and sprinting is reduced - Backwards walking is slightly faster - Stamina regeneration is slightly faster - Minor other changes to movement (air accelerate, stop speed, etc) Zombies are stronger - Increased damage slightly for walkers, runners, and kids - Slightly increased zombie's range for attacking/grabbing - Delay between attacks reduced by 1 second (not sure if this actually worked) - Zombies take less damage when struck in the torso Bleedouts & Infections - Bleeding out causes 2 damage every 9 seconds, before it was 1 damage every 5 seconds. - Bleeding out has slightly less effect on stamina - The length of time for an infection to kill a player decreased from 120 seconds to 105 - Chance of getting infected slightly decreased Basically my idea here is to let players move around a bit quicker & balance it out with more lethal zombies. I might end up making the infection & bleed-out chances higher then normal, but I'm not sure if that will make zombies too over-powered yet. I'd like to hear other people's ideas on the NMRiH gameplay and how it can be tuned for something fun and different. This doesn't include infinite ammo, higher jumping, 2x sprint speed, or whatever. edit: If anybody wants to check it out, the server with the configurations posted above can be found here: The only drawback is I had to enable sv_cheats and install a plugin to block out cheat commands that players may have access to. If anybody spots any exploits please let me know
  2. I'm fairly new to Sourcepawn, though I'm curious if anybody knows if there's a way I can hook to events such as a player getting infected or bleeding out?
  3. Similar issue happened to me today while dead & spectating somebody zooming a sniper rifle, the scope overlay was missing & I only saw a zoomed in screen
  4. NFO has my vouch, been using them for ~6-8 months or so now hosting multiple servers
  5. The amount of zombies spawned per wave is depending on the map, not so much the game or server itself. It's possible to modify the map how you like, adjusting spawn entities to increase the spawn counts using a sourcemod addon such as stripper, but keep in mind there is a limit to how many zombies can actually be spawned
  6. I played DayZ for an hour or two when the alpha was released. I was slightly disappointed, figured I could come back to it another day and see what happens. I tried it again maybe a week later, was equally disappointed. The scenery and graphics of the game is quite nice, ambiance is lacking a little bit, but when it comes to the GUI, typography, models, and animations, it doesn't make sense. The game would be better with lesser graphics to fit the GUI and animations, or vice versa. I opened it up again just the other day and was so disappointed I left my first steam review, which was kinda harsh. To begin, as soon as I spawned I walked down the same highway for 5 minutes with no change in scenery until I stumbled upon a couple houses with absolutely no loot except a crowbar and baseball cap. As soon as I passed those houses I walked another couple minutes to find another couple of houses with no loot.. 15 minutes of exploring and I find one zombie. I pull out my crowbar and start striking the zombie, and apparently my crowbar either deals 1-5 damage against a zombie with 100hp, or the zombie has 1,000 hp. Not only that, but the melee combat is unbearably disatisfying and unrewarding. ~30 strikes later with a crowbar that zombie, which seemed like the only zombie in the server (Since when in any zombie apocalypse is there more humans then zombies?), died and left me injured (is it even possible to melee a zombie in this game without reaching near death?). Note that the melee combat and zombie pathing was so annoying I reached the point where I just sat in one spot and held the attack button until the zombie finally died. Being victorious but injured, I went out to search for something to heal myself. Which was a joke, because loot doesn't exist in DayZ. I had a frown on my face the entire time
  7. I have a fiery hate on all MOBA games. Mostly because I was a huge wc3 addict and DotA practically killed the wc3 custom gaming scene. Or maybe that died as soon as I grew up, who knows, wc3 is in my heart forever
  8. A simple sourcemod plugin should work fine https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=769939 Kicking high ping players without using SourceMod is beyond me though
  9. Planned features: National Guard NPCs - Will they help you or see you as just another walker? The National Guard should hopefully bring in some exotic weapons edit: I'd be ecstatic if I could slay some zombies with a Vector, that gun was my go-to for Black Ops 2
  10. I've been spending some time trying to figure this out. So far I've accomplished building a basic zombie using MakeHuman & Blender, animating it, and exporting the model + its animations to work in the Source engine. I have the basic .qc code set up + a couple $sequence lines for animations, i.e.: $sequence stun "Zombie002Sid_walk" loop $sequence stun "Zombie002Sid_stun" loop although I'm kinda getting a feeling that to create a proper NPC I'm gonna have to program a lot more into the .qc file. Getting the model to move around the world, it's movement speed, events.. afaik (I'm prolly wrong) events are tied to things like attacking foes & taking damage.. when the model is ready to perform an event, like attack a foe, the qc code will tell it to perform the attack animation I took a look at some pre-made .qc files but quickly got confused. The valve wiki would be helpful but I barely have the basic grasp on working with the language. I searched the web for a while but apart from valve wiki there's close to nothing on it, if somebody here could point me in the right direction or give me some general idea or examples that'd be cool
  11. I had to do some reading on some of these entities, working with NPCs is new to me. I'm gonna give this a shot and see what happens, thanks
  12. Suggestions: - "1.0 based modifier for the percentage of runners/children 1.1 is 110% normal." I think this would be better as a 0-100% integer (see issue #2) - "Aggravated" zombies.. a new zombie class. These zombies will sprint as soon as they're "aggravated" (when a zombie takes damage from a player, it'll come as a nice surprise when that slow moving bastard starts sprinting full speed). Allow mappers to define the chance of spawning an aggravated zombie the same way you can with runners and children, and maybe an option for amount of damage taken before that zombie becomes aggravated (1-99% damage or a static number, do zombies have a static health count?) - Placing items directly in a player's inventory. This would be a good feature. It'll also fix the cheat "give" command so that items don't just fall to the ground when you give yourself something. It sucks when I'm noclipped in mid-air and give myself a tnt but have to dive into the horde of zombies to go get it. It's not necessary to use all the time, but having the freedom to put an item directly in a player's inventory wouldn't hurt. Maybe a way to scan through a player's inventory as well. Say you pick up a cd and stash it in your inventory, walk up to a cd player and press E on it. Being able to set up some entity/trigger/whatever trickery to determine if a cd is in that specific player's inventory would be cool (maybe something like a prop_physics that can be put in the player's inventory and searched for via targetname with some kind of trigger). Having an if/then/else type of thing set up for this would be perfect - Can zombies jump or climb over debris? I think I read that this feature is coming in the future. If not, it should definitely be considered. Issues: 1. Attack Target.. this doesn't seem to work. A lot of zombies will still chill in their dark corners until a player nears them. Ideally these zombies should set route to the entity named for Attack Target the moment that zombie is spawned from the brush 2. It seems like the runner zombie option will spawn either children or runners. With "children" set to 1.0 and "runner" set to a stupidly high number (100), I was seeing more walkers and children then actual runners. Maybe keep those separate, sometimes I just want to be able to spawn a handful of runners without worrying about the chance that 80% of them are going to spawn as black kids or directly from the hit series TWD - Another random issue I ran into, I had 3 func_zombie_spawns set at super high numbers for chance to spawn runners, and maximum tracked zombies per round set to 7 via the zombie helper entity & child/runner waves set to 1. On wave 2 or 3 no zombies spawned at all. Note that all the mapping and testing I've done yet has been strictly nms_ 3. This one could be my mistake, it's late and I'm getting ready for bed so I don't feel like poking around much, but I blocked all light in a room using a "block light" brush to spawn zombies in complete darkness. Maybe it was my lighting, cubemaps, or "fast" compile parameters or something, but the zombies in the pitch black room were shiny and visible from lit the room I was standing in. I ended up using a thin pure black func_illusionary brush right behind the block light brush so I couldn't see zombies in the pitch black room. edit: and defining a zombie's movement speed (slow, medium, fast, possibly being able to specify a speed scale from 1 to 10) via triggers would be cool too And last but not least, different zombie types isn't my style, I don't like the idea much. The only different zombie types you need are children, runners, and walkers. Maybe power-walkers too. If a feature like this is to be considered, imo the best route would be to allow mappers to set up their own "boss" zombies, giving them the ability to give that "boss" a custom or preset model & animations, movement speed, damage, and flexibility with "when/where/why/how many" to spawn that boss. Possibly with the flexibility to disable all other zombie spawns and dedicate an entire round/objective (or multiple rounds/objectives, consecutive or not) to that boss ------------ after playing durkhaz's map hellgate I see this is possible already
  13. Is there a correct or incorrect way to use the Attack Target argument? I'm building a nms map & zombies that don't spawn near players wont always set course for the primary target, they'll start moving as soon as a player gets closer. I'm using info_target entity named target_central placed about head height. 6 zombie spawn zones, all set to the same target. Could it be a nav mesh issue? Will a zombie freeze in place if he's not spawned in a nav zone & only start moving when a player gets close?
  14. A lot of my life was spent playing CoD zombies (dating back to the release of Nacht der Untoten, ofc), so I guess I'm inspired https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XSq2qeMjo0 Still working on this one, gotta figure out a way to animate things to make the item spawn more smooth rather then appearing out of thin air. edit: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9pi4i6h33n30dt0/Screenshot%202014-04-27%2003.56.45.png it woulda been nice to use the random spawner to clean up 90% of those entities but I couldn't find a way to remove the weapon if it's not grabbed or suspend them in the air =\