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  1. Thanks for update these thing ^^
  2. Thanks for responding my topic ^^
  3. In wiki http://wiki.nomoreroominhell.com/wiki/Item_Spawning_Setup give me doesn't have id item about new update like FnFal, Vaccine, etc. i want to config for plugins Thanks
  4. Good Update (i like "Nightmare Mode") i want to ask how to set it on in dedicated server (-console)
  5. if run without SM, they don't give these error admins_simple.ini Admins { "zazalng" { "auth" "steam" "identity" "STEAM_0:0:39463037" "flags" "abcdefghiz" "immunity" "99" "group" "Admin" } "relaxlazygame" { "auth" "steam" "identity" "STEAM_0:0:63431059" "flags" "cdegl" "immunity" "5" "group" "Friend Admin" } "GenderFrost" { "auth" "steam" "identity" "STEAM_0:1:57512388" "flags" "cdel" "immunity" "cdegl" "group" "Friend Admin" } "STEAM_0:0:39463037" "abcdefghiz" "STEAM_0:0:63431059" "cdegl" "STEAM_0:1:57512388" "cdegl" } admin_levels.cfg Levels { /** * These are the default role flag mappings. * You can assign new letters for custom purposes, however you should * not change the default names, as SourceMod hardcodes these. */ Flags { "reservation" "a" //Reserved slots "generic" "b" //Generic admin, required for admins "kick" "c" //Kick other players "ban" "d" //Banning other players "unban" "e" //Removing bans "slay" "f" //Slaying other players "changemap" "g" //Changing the map "cvars" "h" //Changing cvars "config" "i" //Changing configs "chat" "j" //Special chat privileges "vote" "k" //Voting "password" "l" //Password the server "rcon" "m" //Remote console "cheats" "n" //Change sv_cheats and related commands /** * Custom flags can be used by plugins, but they can also be used to * for you to expand on the previous groups, using Overrides. */ "custom1" "o" "custom2" "p" "custom3" "q" "custom4" "r" "custom5" "s" "custom6" "t" /** * Root is a magic access flag that grants all permissions. * This should only be given to trusted administrators. * Root users can target anyone regardless of immunity, * however, they themselves are not automatically immune. */ "root" "z" } } admin_group.cfg Groups { /** * Allowed properties for a group: * * "flags" - Flag string. * "immunity" - Immunity level number, or a group name. * If the group name is a number, prepend it with an * '@' symbol similar to admins_simple.ini. Users * will only inherit the level number if it's higher * than their current value. */ "Default" { "immunity" "1" } "Friend Admin" { /** * You can override commands and command groups here. * Specify a command name or group and either "allow" or "deny" * Examples: * ":CSDM" "allow" * "csdm_enable" "deny" */ Overrides { } "flags" "cdegl" /* Largish number for lots of in-between values. */ "immunity" "5" } "Admin" { /** * You can override commands and command groups here. * Specify a command name or group and either "allow" or "deny" * Examples: * ":CSDM" "allow" * "csdm_enable" "deny" */ Overrides { } "flags" "abcdefghiz" /* Largish number for lots of in-between values. */ "immunity" "99" } }