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  1. i love it
  2. can't wait to play it!! this looks awesome
  3. rip

    i wish i was dead
  4. its been so long!! i'll try it out
  5. hey gilbert! nmrih is a wonderful game and i met a lot of great people playing it. hope you continue to enjoy it
  6. rip

  7. yeah, running around junction i started noticing patterns for when certain rooms of zombies despawn.
  8. but what if no zombies have died, what makes them despawn then? are the spawns activated/deactivated when you enter a new area?
  9. i've always assumed it was determined by distance from players, and this theory has worked for me on huge maps like fema. maybe someone way smarter could explain to me what really decides when zombies go poof?
  10. i agree, some of the gun animations do seem to go at a very leisurely pace. to me, it isn't a huge problem and unfortunately i don't think anything would be done to ever change it anyway.
  11. oh yes i like this theme much more
  12. speaking of avatars, i don't like circular avatar. what is with this trend?? :\
  13. will the reskin be similar to the old skin?
  14. insta join