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  1. I think it's hard enough to find the pliers and bring them back within 3 min even when u see them on the compass. When 7 people search the whole map and can't even find them within 3 min ... Same you could add a 90:10 chance for the explosion right from start as it depends on luck if you stumble over this pliers or not. After all you need leave the center in 30s, find the pliers in 1min, then run back half a minute at least, open the lock and kill the 30 zombies blocking the helicopter within the final minute. Don't you think this is hard enough also with the compass enabled for 3min rather than 20s? Another thing is the door in front of the electrified water, when someone is near the door while it opens he gets catapulted 10m away and dies either through the water or through the fall damage.
  2. Hey, nice update nmo_cleopas though, there's an issue with the ladder. It's not possible to climb up to the roof of this shopping mall. The ladder seems bugged. You get stuck every 10cm. With continuous jumping it's sometimes possible to get up, when you don't fall all the way down and die. Also, this labyrinth at the beginning is a little overcrowded. From 8 people at start, 2-4 are remaining for the rest of map, just after the first task. It makes no sense to me why that quite huge amount of zombies would lock themselves up in our yard
  3. http://steamcommunity.com/gid/103582791433979963/announcements/detail/1423432712149857668 Since 1.07.5, must have overread that
  4. That's nice Since which update it is possible to unload a gun? Seems I overread it in a changelog
  5. Nice would be possibility to unload a gun for ammo.
  6. Nicely designed map, but it's little annoying that the welder spawns only after you reached the sewers entry. At first I wondered where should this welder be, I checked every corner, every building... then I noticed it spawned on a table that I checked before Also I noticed when playing this on a full server, most players decide they have to kill all zombies on the street, and at the end, while you unlock the welder, they pick it up just to never release it again. Or the ones who join after the map started, they still spawn even with realism mode enabled, then steal the welder with the same result... Happened every time I played this map with people I didn't know. Asking, who took the welder, doesn't help ofc^^ Maybe you could spawn the welder in the corridor and not in the restaurant. Another point, it seems a little unrealistic that, while there's just one route through the corridors, there spawn infinite zombies before and behind you on your trip from sewers to streets and back. After all you just cleared all this rooms 10s ago, then they are crowded with more zombies than before A shortcut to the streets, maybe a door you can unblock, once you reached the sewers entry, would be nice
  7. Some speeded up playthrough video:
  8. The map looks nice BTW the link is missing the .com, use this one: http://www.pinzdesign.com/nms_deadrock.zip
  9. Hey there, I have one question On our server we use sv_realism 1, which suits this game nice. But for dodgeball map, or hellgate map, the problem is players can't ever respawn, which seems to me crucial for this maps. Is there a way to automatically disable sv_realism just for those maps?