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  1. Hi all, finally decided release this map. Been sitting on my computer for about a 1.5 years now. This is a nmo_Parkour with checkpoints added. This will make it more playable and probably making it more fun for all. Unfortunately I'm not sure who the original author is so I am unable to give them credit. I'll updated this part once I figure who the original author was. ***** New Features**** -Added 4 checkpoints, unlockable once someone reaches the checkpoint and presses the unlock button -Added a short zombie head-jump parkour section. -Added a zombie crushing machine. -Extended two blocks in the map to make the jumps easier and less punishing -Minor changes the parkour pathing. -More traps. -4 Mystery buttons that will not definitely don't open checkpoint doors, my advice is dont press them. -Made the end section of the map possible to play. (end section is the part you go down the wall on the outside.) You can get the map here https://mega.nz/#!SXhCGARC!p1P8f--7wbaDM7hGOLy9I4wiDrb9BcKYHG29asHYsK0
  2. Decided to release it as it is now.
  3. lol pretty funny announcements.. Is there going to be a map?
  4. Hi all I've decided to wrap it for this map now. The original objective was to just to add in way-points. So people could play through the whole map. This map is ready for testing. If all goes well I'll post it in the completed maps sections in 2 weeks. Whats new? - Several new traps for your entertainment. - Fixed up the leaks - Fixed up the missing textures (hopefully.) - Improved the barriers at checkpoints to prevent skipping. Download link http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=31421370037321812588 Maybe in the future: I want to add more stuff probably take too long to make. Such as adding a much larger crushing machine you will have to slide through. it will have heaps of crushers, blades, spikes, fire blasts & windzones.
  5. Interesting what I though was a model turned out NOT to be a prop in the editor so there are no model file for it. Maybe it was built in the hammer editor. So im just going to add the required textures using pakrat. Maybe even temporary renaming the custom textures in the nmirh folder to see if it will still work
  6. Hmmm so what would be the best way to add them. Right now I'm looking at Pakrat. Appears you need to run this every time you compile a map to add specific texture files/models etc. I grabbed a few models from other maps such as Resident evil revelations. So I would need to add them if they are not in the default directories? I've set the GameDir. E:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\nmrih\nmrih now it higlights OnDisk for a number of items. the Majority of things such as materials/ stuff are not found but I assume they are default materials that came with the game Which appears to be the sprites for the healthbox. And the Other stuff which are NOT found are probably default stuff and are located in the VPK files and can be ignored? and .ain file.
  7. Version 6J of the map is now out for testing. ***** New Features -Added a short zombie jump parkour -Added a zombie crushing machine. (Feel free to try it out. I think its too easy at the moment I want to reduce the time time to pass by 1-2 seconds) -Added some sounds -Improved the barriers at checkpoints to prevent skipping. -Extended two blocks in the map to make the jumps easier Whats next: I might finish this map soon.. Just need to make some minor adjustments. Your feedback is welcome. Download link http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=36635263428534617761 ///// I had issues making the slam sounds when the machine closes. The sounds gets desyned. I'm assuming the only way to fix it is to make a single custom noise that has several metal hit each time the machine closes. Insert image from URL
  8. Sorry the site I uploaded it to only keep files for 30 days.. I though I was going to do an update by then. Anyway I am releasing an updated version. ****NEW VERSION FEATURES: -A new early on box checkpoint. -A new mystery button located at checkpoint 2 (Don't press it) -Health Aid storage box added between Ckpoint 1 and 2. (experimental currently same texture as the jumping blocks.) More will be added to strategic places. I've also figured out how to spawn zombies anywhere so I'll be able make very interesting parkours involving zombie surfing. Anyway the latest beta version of this map is located at: https://ufile.io/768aa http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=61094271398753010980
  9. Thanks I've took a look at this from what i can tell this can only done via sourcemod's sm_cvar?????? as these commands normally requires sv_cheats 1 In the end I decided to reduce stamina loss such as jumping and running by 25% and increase stamina gain by 25%. This means you will still need to know to take your breaks and not push yourself beyond your limits. At minimum the re-spawn time with no token has been set at 15 seconds this will always works even without sourcemod. I ran into huge problems spawning zombies on platforms with no navpoints... and no amount of tagging walkable areas and connecting them was I able to make them spawn in certain areas. I might have to teleport zombies to location??? The dodge-ball map is a bit hard for me to understand what is happening but it spawns zombies really well. I will take a look at the Resident evil revelations which does have an interesting ending spawn. What I am hoping to achieve is making zombies on walkways and blocks unkillable.. or very fast re-spawn. And you need the right amount of head jumping on zombies to climb up to get to the next area. If anyone has any idea of other maps I can look at that does great spawning? I want a way give re-spawn tokens for the first one reaching checkpoints, or reduce the amount of kills required for re-spawn tokens, so killing 1 zombie = 1 re-spawn, but this appears to be tied in with server difficulty settings. Maybe give a gun bullets and a stack of zombies to kill which would kind of deviate from the parklour part. Unfortunately since i failed to get the spawning working right i kind of put off the project slightly.. I will soon take another shot at it. If I am unable to get the spawning working on platforms I will need to rethink the additional parkour areas I will add.
  10. Hi all I hope its alright. I'm new to mapping. I've decided to improve on this map by first adding in 4 Check Points into this map. And made the latter stages possible to complete. I hope there is no problem working with a map belong to someone else that no longer seems to have updates. Later on I might add in new parkour concepts similar to what you see in the final stages of this map. http://www.filedropper.com/nmoparkourcpv6
  11. I bind shove to middle mouse click. This means I have full control of the character when i am shoving. If you bind it to Q how you strafe left and shove at the same time?
  12. Anyway i realize now you can't carry things as you drop it when you go through the portal. IE you can't bring 2 chainsaws to base at once. So carrying boxes things out of the portal is out of the question. Yeah and walking in the dark lol How about a way to make ammo spawn 2 at a time. Upgrade with skulls? cheers.
  13. This is a nice map and very fun to play. The maze is easy once you get the hang of it + settings your game brightness to max. What would be nice if there was a 2nd maze accessible by jumping over the existing middle maze exit into another portal in the wall. This maze would have better loot: *a TNT spawning crate. (That can be carried to the base and it will spawn TNT sticks once in a while like the grenade box) *An extra health box + pills box spawner (similar to the tnt crate) * A molotov crate (similar to the tnt crate) * A health box.