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  1. I believe within the servers there should be some form of surveillance or assessment to ensure that only the best quality admins are allowed to be administered within servers. "Admins" such as the player who goes by Hans Decker should be placed under further review under how they conduct their servers. The application process and requirements should be refined to resolve the conflict of allowing unsuitable admins from gaining a sense of authority over other players which they abuse, reducing the overall positive experience of the players. Further action should be taken where players are permitted to submit complaints about admins to investigate their methods of running servers based on the fact that these admins should possess some form of professionalism as they represent the game as a whole. With the possibility for unprofessional admins to gain authority to control and create these servers they are ultimately tarnishing the name of this game and company which will therefore deter other individuals from investing in this game. I believe I am not the only one who shares this same belief and has similar complaints about the servers and those who run them.