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  1. update drivers, DirectX, re-cache game in steam and post you computer's hardware data
  2. it would be great to see something like TDI Vector (kinda less recoil then other guns, 13 and 30 .45 acp ammo capacity clips): http://www.dha.com.tr/fotogaleri/act/16469_5954_21092011_11.jpg http://www.cod-france.com/guides-cod/cod6/images/armes/smg/vector.png http://news.dphotographer.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/tdi-vector-i9.jpg also to have something like ammo bags like here: http://s31-temporary-files.radikal.ru/25231608bf394319a6162a6ea40488db/-929206895.jpg and p90 as weap too. who thinks what about this?
  3. I think it whould be nice to have some weapons alternative fire modes: single shot for example. probably weapons' weight determined for it's initial weight + amount of bullets*weight of 1 bullet Also for realism mode would be great to have magazines as "resource". Like if u just dropped down all clips and have...for example 10 ammo - you will be forced to repeat "load 1 bullet-shoot" 10 times or find a clip. Thought it wouldn`t be easy to make i think. So who thinks what about this?
  4. it would be nice - but not being for every player avaible. because players are playing as averege ppl - how many avereges got such stuff?)
  5. except for people to remember meme "nice boat" - which use it has?)
  6. 1. Immortal zed in nmo_broadway after exiting cinema i accidentaly trapped zed between wall and door, so he was standing his right side to my face. I was shooting in the side of his head with colt 1911. upon 2x8 bullets in his head zed was still alive!! actually, not first time seeing zed having 0 damage when you shoot and hit his side of head. 2. No weapon displayed on character Bug appears from time to time when you have weapon equipped and then are carrying something ower your equipped weapon(like TNT in nmo_toxteth, for example. Or bags in siege maps). After dropping item I got no weapon displayed on screen - thought it still shoots/strikes when i pressed LMB. Switching to other weapon(it displays other weapon) and back to "dissappeared" fixes it.