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  1. When you are checking ammo in Double-barrel Shotgun and you have got 0/0 , you still throw down bullets
  2. Do you know about bug, when you have got 0 rounds in Magnum or double-barrel shotgun and you click on U (check ammo) so you will se rounds in weapon though you havent got ammo.
  3. And what about classic weapons in the world. for example assault rifle AK-47 Little bit recoil, medium accuracy, normal-high damage, normal reloading. 7,62 x 39 mm. Next weapon AK74 and one variant with same caliber (5,45 x 39 mm)AK-74U . AK-74 Lower recoil than 47, medium accuracy, normal-high damage, normal reloading.AK-74UBigger recoil than 47, low accuracy,normal damage, but big cadence. And i have got question for developers: Will be there weapons attachments? I think : New weapons sight (Red dot sidht,ACOG..) or Grenade launcher (American M203 for M4..) or russian GP-25, bigger magazine, flashlight or laser on weapon, grip and other stuff for weapons.
  4. Oh nice, thanks
  5. Hello, do you planned new weapons stuff? Thanks I have some proposals for it.