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  1. it would feel like a dumb suggestion but please add a cross-hair it would make the game easier to play and in short user friendly. its very hard to aim without a cross-hair and this results in a lot of ammo wastage. add a little recoil to make the game realistic. this would make it user-friendly.
  2. i support road flares like there are in half life 2 they would provide temprorary illumination. for like some minutes when theres a large wave coming
  3. bro ur webs down and i cant setup the hammer
  4. how about a Mosin Nagant bolt action rifle coz i aint seen any bolt-action rifle around http://www.jgsales.com/images/1041-mosin-nagant9130roundreceiverrifle762x54rcaliber-s2.jpg it would be fun if it would have a bayonet similar to the sks but bolt-action with a 5 round clip
  5. yes there was one in the campaign and with it Khaled-al-asad shoots Al-Fulani
  6. but again this is a point of being immersed into the game.
  7. I've been playing this game for weeks and love it. i would like to make a suggestion that there should be a Vs bandits mdoe in which we have to fight with the bandits. It should be like an attack and defend mode.the bandits attack and the other defend it would be Fun. Hope so you like my suggestion