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  1. I will not take credit of a game that is currently in hands of different developers. That, is just rude!
  2. no thanks. Previously stated above, the game does not have touch support, and I won't spend 200$ on a laggy Tablet.
  3. Thank you! But, you shall not be squinting, if you meant model detail.
  4. I know. I have it. It is somewhat Hell trying to model everything, especially from scratch. It is Tons of work, but maybe this will work!
  5. No, I do not. I recently got my new Desktop, upgrading from a low-end Laptop. Nothing is not impossible! I do not have any work. Have people not believe me, I have faith in myself.
  6. Just waste 200$ on a laggy Tablet for a game that doesn't have touch support? Not so easy to make the decision.
  7. Okay, and you know the engine well?
  8. Got it, I will prove the skepticism invalid.
  9. Well, why skeptical?
  10. Yes. The phones will run it through extracting an APK(Sorry, no iOS.) and installing it onto my tablet for the test, not a phone.
  11. lol, no. I am not joking, and I am making it.
  12. I know, it is quite annoying at moment, but I would add support for controllers, and such. The engine I am going to use is the Unreal Engine, and tthe graphics will stay the same, with, hopefully, little lag. Thanks.
  13. So, I thought today as I was streaming NMRiH to my tablet, "Huh. This game looks great on here. But... What if I made it to support Android?" So, I came on here to ask if it was fine to make a FREE port? And, even if I did, I would have to think about RAM, and video Cards, and things like that. So, I would make the options to change the details, like in the PC edition. My question is, Could I make the port? Thanks for reading. Update: Because of issues with UDK not working with me, I have switched over to Unity.