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  1. I'd love to see another RE 1 map either way. Hell just talking about it is making me want to go play!
  2. You could, or you could just wait I'm shocked no one here posted this. http://www.moddb.com/mods/biohazard-project It looks like it's going to be awesome.
  3. Hopefully today I can get some more work done on this new version since I set myself back. I do think scaling it back helped, I like the 8x8 beams much better than 16x16 so good suggestion. hahaha I was thinking about that Shaft the other day. Good stuff Gothic. Errrrr coffee then it's hammer time.........
  4. Ok so here's a new update, nothing pretty but check it out. I have decided that my level needed some TLC that could only happen from being rebuilt. Some of the things I have done are: -Rebuild each world brush one by one -Properly scaled the world to a 64,128,256,512 unit size because apparently I can't count. -Added to my original pit area in my map, I've actually expanded that to a mining camp now that is reachable by the player. -Added an updated Zone C with much bigger playable space and a connecting path to the diamond shaped room in my map for quicker routes. -Removed all displacements to be only a power of 3 and sewn properly ETC ETC ETC Either way here are some updated screenshots from the first test run, so no models displacements or details but it's better than it was before. SO please bare with me and hopefully with this kind of progress there will be something playable in the future.
  5. Good call, I'll snatch them off my old hard drive in the next couple days
  6. It's a shame all your homes are suburban, I have some prefabs of some houses I made for an old map of mine. Most of which though is urban 2-3 story homes. Either way let me know because I love designing homes and buildings and would be more than happy to contribute. lol I doubt anyone want's to cross the railroad tracks to my part of town .
  7. i'm thinking of going to the railyard locally where my friend owns some property and taking some shots of some Railroad ties that were used and removed here. That's closer to what I imagine when I think of it, I want a very coarse grain wood texture, maybe with metal joints at the meeting points. But that's in my head. I like the water as I've not considered it at all for this map, do zombies take damage in water because I think I have an idea? Thanks Nay0r Sorry didn't mean to double post. I was trying to edit but it didn't work out lol. Couldn't find a delete post either.
  8. Thank You, I appreciate the thought you put behind it I thought so too, I made my shaft ceilings high in case I wanted to add displacements from the ceiling. I guess I have some modifying to do since the size of my mineshafts are proportionate to my braces. I've considered making 3d models for the support beams for more detail but the size differences in some of the corridors varies, not by much but enough to make it difficult so maybe I'll stick with brushwork. I've been playing with the idea of creating my own retaining walls with transparency between the cracks and dirt/rock through the cracks of my wood. But it's not looking as good as I thought it might. Thanks Dr.Hammer
  9. It's coming, everyone should know how fun displacements are That's why I'm taking it slow. But do you prefer the wood over my crappy old stone/retaining wall in that hallway? How about the new texture for stone overall as opposed to the old white and black one? Also personal opinion? Would you displace every shaft? I'm trying to diversify and customize each one to give players a since of location as well as some change in scenery. I also used the darker wood textures I made last night for all my support beams, I think it looks better than the old one. Not only that but I was thinking if I contrast the support beams and my other wood textures with some slightly lighter hue's to make it stand out a bit more. hmmm
  10. So I updated some textures, tweaked some lighting, made 11 Custom textures last night, and more! Still getting a feel for my texture theme for this map but it's getting there.
  11. Was this originally ZPS? Looks good for a town setting after the outbreak. I'd love to see this map ingame.
  12. It's been an issue with a lot of maps, so I figured that I would address it. Now I don't want to dumb down the gameplay or community too much but it occurred to me that sometimes the obj's are a bit non-descript or don't show up frequently enough to remind people what's going on. I love the Compass and the way it works. But maybe some custom radio sounds or some on screen text to keep people headed in the right direction. Hell in my next map I'm going to use my minecart rails to lead people only to Zones just so they don't get lost. If there is no tracks you are not on a direct path to a Zone. As well as the use of some custom signs. I know that once I finish some scripts I hope to add some custom radio sounds to help keep players from standing around waiting too long......... gotta keep it interesting and dynamic but with direction as well. I won't compare this game to other mods, because that is unfair but something could be done to keep people from camping at the start/part of a level. Incentive,punishment or direction either way.
  13. http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/wiki/Survival_Setup http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/wiki/Zombie_Spawning_Setup If you need help find me on steam I'll try to give you a hand.
  14. Thank you, I have been on the see-saw of how much displacement for my level is good and how much is too much. That pit was the first area designed so figures it is the most finished. There will be some 2nd level areas that are usable on the other end of my map. Should be interesting. The walls in the corridors won't all be displaced. I do have some retaining walls(Fence texture re purposed needs alignment still) to change it up. I'm still thinking of some ways to spice up the shafts from their boxy shape. But if you have any ideas of how to smooth it to the eye other than; yet to do prop placement and detail textures please let me know. All the textures need changed up, but for myself visually it gives me a direction. Something about a 3 textures doesn't seem like enough but that's polishing work so I'm trying not to get ahead of myself. I appreciate the feedback. I sometimes dread posting fan maps on forums before it's finished. But everyone has kept it on topic and said something useful. So rock on. This is an example that pops in my mind when I'm mapping, rocks on the ground, frames every few feet and retaining walls with wood (will make my own texture of that later I think.) If you have ideas to make this look less blocky awesome let me know.
  15. i originally had a dirt texture but i retextured it as i went. ty for the feedback i'll note that to be changed. excuse my quick replies im on my mobile