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  1. How do you use building props in the editor. trees and such show up but not the pre made buildings?
  2. I searched for my answer and could not find anything for exactly what I want to do. I made a window func breakable surface and once i hit it with a pipe, the glass will not break anymore** as if the pipe was swinging through without doing damage. I can walk through it and shoot/punch it and it breaks but for my map I was going for realism in a way that it would break with mele as well. **if this is the best I can do, I am happy with it but if there is something I am missing it would be a help. All other breaks work fine but I couldn't figure out how to keep breaking it in sections with mele.
  3. so basically when i click the little icon on my desktop for nmrih and it says launch hammertime and i'm in the editor thats it? i searched for how to make maps and it was configure this do that, i had to re install everything by the time i was done messing it up..thanks bro
  4. I have a map idea based around different local places i can run the hammer editor okay for design BUT i can not for the life of me figure out how to configure source sdk for this game. i did what that one video said but still get errors while trying to open it. if i open hammer from the nmrih icon it seems to run ok but do i even need that souce thinggy? (new to mapping)
  5. You'll have to manually add some informations like the installation directory and your Steam account name ("[iNSTALL DIR]" is certainly "c:\Program Files (x86)"), save the file then restart the Source SDK. HOW DO YOU DO THIS?