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  1. (Sorry for asking a lot of questions 2day ) So I simply placed a overlord_zombie_helper in the middle of my map, I thought it was suppost to randomly spawn zombies in the area, guess I was wrong. So how do I make zombie spawners?
  2. Thx, also how do I make zombie spawners? xD
  3. This is more a valve hammer question, but I am making a Chained fence around the entire map, but it's a pain in the a** to have to copy then paste, and spend 2 minutes with each fence getting it aligned, so it there any way to duplicate the fence on top of the one u just copied so I can just slide it over and duplicate again?
  4. I DID IT! I Figured out how to compile my map, and that made it work! Also do I need to have the extensions nmo_ and stuff like that? And wut is the different between the multiple ones, also how do I add a skybox?
  5. Also I don't have a skybox if that matters
  6. Compile my map? I just save it
  7. Sorry for the late reply, here is what my log says: (connected i wont put username) Compact freed 413696 bytes JOY_AXIS_X: mapped to Turn (absolute) JOY_AXIS_Y: mapped to Look (absolute) JOY_AXIS_Z: unmapped JOY_AXIS_R: mapped to Forward (absolute) JOY_AXIS_U: mapped to Side (absolute) JOY_AXIS_V: unmapped Advanced Joystick settings initialized Redownloading all lightmaps All the spawners are: info_player_nmrih Thx! EDIT: I also don't know if this matters but I just saved my map as ffa not any thing like nmo_ffa , will that effect it?
  8. BTW, the whole time its saying that its blackness. but I have lights setup throughout the map.
  9. The default entity on the entity tool is the player spawn, right? Because when I test my game is doesn't stop saying "Waiting for Spawn Point"
  10. It worked BTW, THx! Also It doesn't stop saying "Waiting for spawn point". I have spawners setup on the map...
  11. If I didn't have that file, where have all the maps i been downloading from servers been going to?
  12. I don't have that file? Folders inside SDK: Bin Config hl2 hl2mp nmrih platform sdktools
  13. So I have made a map for NMRIH and since I have also worked with the Valve Editor for other games, clicking save doesn't immediatly bring to the page where I Save my map, where in the commons/Nmrih file do I save my created map?
  14. Great idea, I am a map designer, add me on skype and we can talk about creating this. Skype: kriller509 Do you personally host the maps urself?