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  1. BOOOOOO! Survival map troll
  2. OMG u tricked me!! I knew something was up w/ ur map when I lost when I didn't even die!
  3. Where is it!?!?!?!?! I looked in both rooms near the spawn and everywhere else I could find! Also since everytime I press the e key to try and interact w/ something then my light goes out and I grab a prop which is hurting my eyes so please make more of the props dynamic!
  4. yea I looked everywhere and I can't find it!
  5. psychological

    First off I'd like to say that you have a great map that's really unique! But there is a bug and a few Issues that I'd like to address. Bug: I can get infected by zombies and in the story you told me that we took gene therapy, so maybe give people gene therapy when they spawn? Issues/Suggestions: (I played 500+ hours and know what makes a good nmo from a bad one but u still don't have to listen to me if u don't want too xD) So the main Issue I have is the way you move up/down a dimension is too similar to an nms map where if ur zone gets overruned then u go down a dimension and if u kill enough zombies then you go up a dimension. The main reason a lot of vets like nmo is because it feels like you're actually in the apocalypse because you have to survive and maneuver through the zombies to get necessities done to survive and the only time you loose is when you die as your friends are dying around you instead of being forced to endlessly kill zombies linearly like in nms and have an uneventful failure by not killing zombies fast enough. Also nms hinders your ability to solo since 1 person can only kill zombies so fast. Discussion: Maybe make it so you loose if your whole team gets killed by the zombies, otherwise go up a dimension? This might screw up your going down a dimension since you loose the game if you all die, but you can make the dimensions harder like maybe increase the chance of runners as you go up dimensions since you are adopting a lot of mechanics from COD zombies. Regardless, I feel like it will give the map a more scary and satisfying feel since you are fighting to stay alive when the zombies are overwhelming u or die trying! Also this would make solo players especially happy as they wouldn't reach a certain dimension where they can't kill the zombies fast enough to move on. No heals between dimensions Discussion: So if you implement that your whole team gets to go up a dimension then it wouldn't really be fair for the sole survivor to have 6 hp in the next dimension, although I've only made it to dimension 5 so far soloing so if there are heals later on then it could be fine the way it is. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and I hope you take the time to make this map even better than it already is!
  6. +1, and you should take ur own advise too PorkChops, I wanna see the next nmo_Sweden or nmo_subside from u !
  7. Add Ammo at the beginning and next spawn!!! getting to the first spawn point is doable with the 120 extra ammo I unloaded from the other guns. Also idk if the next part is I haven't finished it b/c a guy came in and I kept on having to spawn him ammo which makes me feel like a cheater and really sucks. This map is really fun! So why don't you please make it for non-unlimited ammo servers as well!
  8. yea I tried that too but it didn't work
  9. So I made an objective appear in the the Objective tool on a different map and on this one some reason I can't do it, here are the files: vmf - http://www.mediafire.com/download/a4qddcd1hrauf1c/nmo_pacer.vmf vmx - http://www.mediafire.com/download/ia7yskbm2cs6srt/nmo_pacer.vmx I feel like I did something stupid but I copied it from my other map so it should work
  10. At first I was worried this was gonna be another boring map where there is a bunch of small doorways so all you're doing is linearly kill zombies on your way to objectives... and then I went outside nice map!
  11. So I have a map that involves fighting and w/o human pvp it doesn't seem as fun so is there any way to turn FF on for a map NOT A SERVER? what I tried: using an infect trigger but when I put the infect rate up to 1 and then .99 whenever I got hurt from it I never got infected for some reason
  12. yes, but I realized that it was going to where my vtf files are and not the maps directory so I changed it and now when I die the map resets but the output I made on the boundary, as seen above, doesn't work b/c when the player count goes down to 1 then I don't see the cut scene (or in my case have my player not move) and when I go to the extraction point then the map doesn't reset, it only resets when I die So, am I putting my output in wrong considering it is red?
  13. bump!!! plz help!!!
  14. I followed the tutorial and I can't get it to work here is what I did: logicObj is a logic case that on case1 if there is one player alive after the button is pressed then that satisfies case one and I've tested this w/o using objectives and the extraction point before. Also I've added my objective boundary, logic case, and extraction point to the objectives and objective 1 visgroup