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  1. Map is good porkchop, the players love it and come back for it.
  2. such a great gamemode, it's sad that it is rare to see it in nmrih though. I ran a server for this once, people just left preferring coop.
  3. works well, nice to see a map that encourages barricading.
  4. the devs are lucky to have good community mappers in the community! Ty for making these! Can't wait.
  5. OOOOO I WANTED A MALL MAP SO BAD!!!! Can you make a remake after this one that looks like the mall from the movie Dawn of the Dead? Anyways great looking map so far!
  6. Tuskeen, I just read what people said in your 50 cent post in gamebanana. Man, they can't give you a break can't they! How goes the other models, would love to see them too! Tnx for the models again.
  7. I think the server owner has the right to have his server that he pays for from his own pocket to have it the way he wants. However it goes both ways, if the server owner is unfair, simply players will not play on his server. Despite this, going back to OP, an in-game built vote kick, ban would be nice. That saves a lot of trouble for server owners. There is a plugin that works though, just look around in allied modders.
  8. Seems like it stops on wave 10 and extraction does not come. Server was stuck on this wave with no zombies left to kill. Anyone else get this? Perhaps it was just me. xP Happened 3 times, and never seen the extraction work after the recent update.
  9. Hi wiggles, Only thing I can think of, is that your server needs more cpu or ram. I had slow map changes on server boxes with low cpu. I usually ran 24/7 maps on those so map changes weren't as frequent. Another reason could be your fast download server slowing down for whatever reason. Hope you find a solution.
  10. God I wanted to leave it at this, but man I want more slots so bad XD, K time to leave this topic. T.T Perhaps contagion might get more popular as it developes and they might add more slots xP
  11. Was this supposed to be funny? Hint hint, I'm just playing along.
  12. Read my question again before you correct people, the question was if the left4dead dev's took out the client side limitation. You did not mention that, but did emphasize how nmrih has it so it crashes clients. Who knows maybe max will decide to open up more slots (if he is the one who hardcoded it to 8 using client side crash) after the game has been around for a long time. The 24 slot is what made zombie panic source fun for me, and made it a better community atmosphere making new friends. Despite this, the game is good and I am thankful that it has so many players. I just hope it doesn't die out like many games out there.
  13. some servers have it enabled.
  14. Btw how does l4d do it, the l4d devs didnt hardcode the client side limit i assume?
  15. I think the devs can change the client limit right? Would be nice for owners to have it to something higher than 8. I don't see why variety will hurt anyone. Simply servers who likes 8 limit uses 8, and others who like 10 or 20 uses that much.