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  1. I want to have servers more than 10. How to setup? My server works on windows7. srcds.exe +hostport xxxxx is not work when there are servers more than 10.
  2. Description: These files change almost Background music. Except the main menu and loading. Install: Put .vpk file to nmrih/custom/ folder. Uninstall: Delete .vpk files. https://gamebanana.com/sounds/40514
  3. Versinon 1.10.0 update MOTD will no longer load remote HTML content ( except from steamcommunity.com ) ↑ I want to load my HTML content. ex. http://yomox9.blogspot.com/2016/06/yomox9server02japanmotd.html
  4. What's your point?I could use my HTML contents in version 1.09. But I can't use it in latest version. Can i use my HTML contents by another way?
  5. https://drive dot http://google.com/open?id=17v8-HHZ_fYWj4DG-x-58bPaJPhlPf61C
  6. 42 sec~. When use Gene therapy, Player's view is like bug. I suggest that add the effect like when infection to screen. Example, blood vessel ( or blue blood vessel) --- Add 19:50(JST) --- > When use Gene therapy, Player's view is like bug. This is bug. https://github.com/nmrih/source-game/issues/889
  7. Hi, Developers. Chainsaw(Abrasive saw) are too strong. Game balance breaker.
  8. Mili - RTRT For Chinese zombie song.
  9. Maybe plugin can it. But I think that It should not include in NMRiH. Because veteran survivor don't must die by weak player.
  10. server.cfg = sv_lan 0 Router setting = portforwarding to 27015(TCP+UDP) srcds.exe (windows) = Add +map nmo_broadway
  11. Made by Khalecsi. Modified by yomox9. Download : https://gamebanana.com/maps/199418
  12. Made by Khalecsi.Modified by yomox9. Downloads : https://gamebanana.com/maps/199396 By the way, I could not upload screenshot.
  13. Oh, Thankyou! > Fixed spawning players bug after boss battle
  14. 1. Update Graphic driver to latest version ( ) for Intel HD Graphics 4000 2. Upload screenshot. Screenshot when weapon turns invisible OPTIONS->Video OPTIONS->Video->Advanced 3. Try change each video option. (ex. Run in windows->FUll screen)
  15. I tried upload screenshot to this bbs. But I couldn't it with below messege.

    There was a problem processing the uploaded file. Please contact us for assistance.

  16. https://gamebanana.com/guis/33837
  17. Download link https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3abWs-MkvQyN0R3ZEVWLTBqTnM I tested on Windows7 JapaneseEdition. *** Tools *** GCFScape (http://nemesis.thewavelength.net/?p=26) or vpk.exe For see/extract .vtf in .vpk VTFEdit (http://nemesis.thewavelength.net/index.php?p=41) For see original files(.vtf) information. Paint.net (http://www.getpaint.net/download.html) and VTF plugin (http://nemesis.thewavelength.net/index.php?c=225) For make .vtf . Convert image file(.jpg.png...) to .vtf. VTF plugin install : Download file and extract. copy all *.dll to Paint.NET\FileTypes\ vpk.exe (Source SDK) For make .vpk Install : Start Steam client. Library->'Source SDK' install. path = C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\nmrih\sdk\bin\vpk.exe *** Original file Information. *** View nmrih\nmrih_dir.vpk by GCFScape Path Windows materials\console\background01.vtf materials\console\background01_widescreen.vtf Linux( Attention. I have not linux environmenet. ) materials\console\background_linux\background01.vtf materials\console\background_linux\background01_widescreen.vtf Extract Drag to desktop View four desktop\.vtf by VTFEdit File size = 2.67MB Image size = 2048 x 2048 Format = DXT1 Flags = No Mipmap/No Level Of Detail *** Procedure *** 1. Make work folder Make desktop\source\console\background_linux 2. make .vtf Start paint.net. Open image file( .jpg .png ...) Image->Resize->Width=2048 pixels , Height=2048 pixels->OK FIle->Save as->File type=VTF(*.vtf) ->General tab ->Click Defaults ->Image Format=DXT1(Common) Generate Thumbnail=uncheck the box ->Mipmaps tab ->Generate Mipmaps=uncheck the box ->Flags ->No Mipmap=check the box ->No Level Of Detail=check the box ->No Minimum Mipmap=check the box ->Normals tab ->Generate Normal map=uncheck the box ->click OK 3. Copy files Copy your .vtf to desktop\source\console\ Rename your .vtf to background01.vtf Copy background01.vtf to background01_widescreen.vtf Copy background01.vtf to background_linux\ Copy background01_widescreen.vtf to background_linux\ Result. DESKTOP\SOURCE └─materials └─console │ background01.vtf │ background01_widescreen.vtf │ └─background_linux background01.vtf background01_widescreen.vtf 3. Make .vpk Make source.vpk by vpk.exe (1) Command prompt start Command Prompt. vpk C:\Users\b\Desktop\source <- path is your desktop folder. exit (2) Rename vpk Rename vpk for Release background01_XXX.vpk 4. Test .vpk Install test. (1) Copy background01_XXX.vpk to nmrih\custom\ (2) Start NMRiH (3) You can see your .vtf? (4) exit NMRiH Uninstall test. (1) Move desktop\custom\background01_XXX.vpk to desktop\ (2) Start NMRiH (3) You can see Original .vtf? *** FYI ***Experiments. Animation background. Make .vmt for each .vtf ( 4 files. ) ==================================== "LightMappedGeneric" { "$baseTexture" "xxx" "Proxies" { "AnimatedTexture" { "animatedTextureVar" "$basetexture" "animatedTextureFrameNumVar" "$frame" "animatedTextureFrameRate" "1" } } } ==================================== background01.vmt xxx="console\background01" background01_widescreen.vmt xxx="console\background01_widescreen" background_linux\background01.vmt xxx="console\background01" background_linux\background01_widescreen.vmt xxx="console\background01_widescreen" "animatedTextureFrameRate" "1" <- 1=1second. animation speed. Start NMRiH Background is black. <-Problem Login server and logout server. Background is animation.
  18. Write graphical issues in detail.
  19. Many novice player ( in some case, same is middle player ) don't know about safe zone system. If they can see safe zone without use C key, Maybe they will can understand safe zone system. I think that This suggestion is very important.
  20. Try change graphic board or Try change remove graphic board. Did you delete nmrih files completely? You must delete "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common" folder after nmrih was uninstalled. Stop resident program before game playing. Join to normal server. ( No skin, No ranking, No custom contents, No plugins)
  21. This game still unsupport controller when use supply crate... It's troublesome. Please support it.....
  22. hm. It's first time hearing that. But The most important problem is chainsaw is game balance breaker, and already many existing maps have random_spawner's "any". So I think that The developers should remove Chainsaw from random_spawner's "any".
  23. I know that how to remove me_chainsaw from random_spawner. Thank you. But I can not change many maps that already exists. And, as I have said, the chainsaw is game balance breaker. They should remove from random_spawner basically. What I mean is, me_chainsaw(me_abrasivesaw) don't spawn even though random_spawner with melee=100.
  24. 1. There is the new version. Are you already aware of it? 2. Can we select function's on/off by CVAR in NMRiH next version? If we can't select it, We should discuss each function.
  25. Allied modders [NMRiH] Quality of Life: game fixes (v0.6.0 beta, 03/02/2018) https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=304638&highlight=room+hell Features/changes Each of the following features has an associated ConVar that can be used to disable or alter the behaviour. Zombies: No AOE bite damage. No grabbing during cutscene or through solid objects. Won't become permanently distracted by objects and ignore players. Won't attack barricades from infinite distance after being shoved away. Can attack players standing in med-boxes, supply crates, etc. Reduced damage to barricades when hitting multiple at a time. National Guard: Fixes their frag grenade spawn chance. Loot spawns above ground. Chance to spawn as crawler. Crawlers: Players can crouch when grabbed by a crawler. Crawlers never stand up (e.g. when bashing barricades). Crawlers don't open doors. Kids: Fixes T-pose when bashing walls or pushed from side or back. Player: Environmental damage doesn't cause bleeding (toxic waste, infected water, fall damage, etc). Infected players won't reanimate if killed by 100 points of damage. Bleeding pain sounds are emitted to other players. Players can unsprint while in water. Medicine: Sounds are audible to other players. Medical items can be equipped at any time to allow throwing. Vaccinated players will not consume additional gene therapy injectors. Prevents phantom inventory items. Medical items auto-equip previous weapon. (Vanilla behaviour equips fists.) Barricade: Hammering sounds are emitted to other players. Damage is visualized through model darkening. New sounds when damaged or breaking. Nailed boards can be recollected with hammer's charged attack. Weapons: Suiciding with a firearm plays gunshot sound. Arrows can be retrieved from doors and rotate with attached objects faithfully. TNT and frag grenades play explosion sounds. TNT and frag grenades detonate slightly off-ground for improved effectiveness. Zombies that survive explosions are shoved by the blast. Molotov inferno plays fire sound effect. Players are awarded kills from molotov, flare and gascan fires. Maglite can be equipped with cleaver. Charged melee hits only drain stamina once. Melee weapons ignore stamina drain on walls if at least one zombie was hit. Heavy melee weapons (fubar, sledge and pickaxe) use 20% of stamina cost on additional hits. Fubar charge animation is 15% faster. Double-barrel SV10 shotgun reloads 16% faster. Increased Mac-10 damage to match the Colt 1911. Mac-10 is semi-automatic. Bayonet plays stab sound effect. Fast bayonet stab with machete-like damage. Non-bayonet SKS uses standard shove cooldown. Fixes board ammo that gave nothing. Other: Extinguishers and welders don't drop carried items when equipped. Extinguishers play spray sounds. Fixes misplaced map items being unobtainable. Fixes supply crate issue that prevents players from sprinting. Client command to fix ice-skating movement. Exposes forwards for other Sourcemod plugins (see below).