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  1. > do zombies hang out down the stairs and don't come up, she meant? Yes.
  2. Hi,

    I sent a e-mail to community@nmrih.com.

    I wrote a sentence below in the e-mail.

    Subject: Please add my servers to Community Official

    yomox9 server - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/yomox9servers#

    (Managed by yomox9)

    Casual -

    Casual -
     (melee only)


    By the way, every time community@nmrih.com responded with error mail....

    1. Bubka3


      Hello, yes I saw the email.

  3. Hello. 1. My server's player report: She said, "Zombies stuck here. I would like the author to fix in next version." 2. Reputation おおおー、nmo_galleria_V13みたいなマップなのか。これは楽しそうだ。 →Oh, this is the map of like nmo_galleria_V13. Looks like fun.
  4. There are some message to you. https://gamebanana.com/skins/144587 Can you change reload sound?
  5. My server's player report: 1. The player going to the boss? room. The player sees a message "You are surrounded!" 2. The player died by zombie 3. The player respawns out of the room. and the door was close... So the player could not clear the map.
  6. Allied modders [NMRiH] Quality of Life: game fixes (v0.6.0 beta, 03/02/2018) https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=304638&highlight=room+hell Features/changes Each of the following features has an associated ConVar that can be used to disable or alter the behaviour. Zombies: No AOE bite damage. No grabbing during cutscene or through solid objects. Won't become permanently distracted by objects and ignore players. Won't attack barricades from infinite distance after being shoved away. Can attack players standing in med-boxes, supply crates, etc. Reduced damage to barricades when hitting multiple at a time. National Guard: Fixes their frag grenade spawn chance. Loot spawns above ground. Chance to spawn as crawler. Crawlers: Players can crouch when grabbed by a crawler. Crawlers never stand up (e.g. when bashing barricades). Crawlers don't open doors. Kids: Fixes T-pose when bashing walls or pushed from side or back. Player: Environmental damage doesn't cause bleeding (toxic waste, infected water, fall damage, etc). Infected players won't reanimate if killed by 100 points of damage. Bleeding pain sounds are emitted to other players. Players can unsprint while in water. Medicine: Sounds are audible to other players. Medical items can be equipped at any time to allow throwing. Vaccinated players will not consume additional gene therapy injectors. Prevents phantom inventory items. Medical items auto-equip previous weapon. (Vanilla behaviour equips fists.) Barricade: Hammering sounds are emitted to other players. Damage is visualized through model darkening. New sounds when damaged or breaking. Nailed boards can be recollected with hammer's charged attack. Weapons: Suiciding with a firearm plays gunshot sound. Arrows can be retrieved from doors and rotate with attached objects faithfully. TNT and frag grenades play explosion sounds. TNT and frag grenades detonate slightly off-ground for improved effectiveness. Zombies that survive explosions are shoved by the blast. Molotov inferno plays fire sound effect. Players are awarded kills from molotov, flare and gascan fires. Maglite can be equipped with cleaver. Charged melee hits only drain stamina once. Melee weapons ignore stamina drain on walls if at least one zombie was hit. Heavy melee weapons (fubar, sledge and pickaxe) use 20% of stamina cost on additional hits. Fubar charge animation is 15% faster. Double-barrel SV10 shotgun reloads 16% faster. Increased Mac-10 damage to match the Colt 1911. Mac-10 is semi-automatic. Bayonet plays stab sound effect. Fast bayonet stab with machete-like damage. Non-bayonet SKS uses standard shove cooldown. Fixes board ammo that gave nothing. Other: Extinguishers and welders don't drop carried items when equipped. Extinguishers play spray sounds. Fixes misplaced map items being unobtainable. Fixes supply crate issue that prevents players from sprinting. Client command to fix ice-skating movement. Exposes forwards for other Sourcemod plugins (see below).
  7. === Guide for making more good map === ■Common ( nms & nmo ) ・Do is not put Chainsaw It's not good items. Because it breaks game balance completely. It is accelerated by giving fuel. ・Force respawn Mapper respawn player to a faraway place from zombies and then teleport a player to respawn point. Otherwise Player can not respawn when there are zombies on respawn point. ・Remove god spot Remove safe area from zombies attacking. (1) Put player clip ( or clip ) on props where zombies can not attack place (2) Make Jump areas to Navigation meshes Mapper make Jump area for zombies ■nms ・Remove god spot in nms (1) If zombie touch the Supply, delete it (2) If zombie touch nmirh_health_station, delete it (3) Put player clip ( or clip ) on nmrih_health_station_location. ( or nmrih_health_station_location half embed to wall ) (4) FEMA bag(nmrih_safezone_supply) too ■nmo ・Force respawn player every Objective nms_guide.rar
  8. -------------------------------------------------------------1.Shutdown game client ( NMRiH )2. "VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME CACHE..."Steam client→LIBRARY→No More Room in Hell→Right click→Properties→LOCAL FILES(Tab)→VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME CACHE...3.Delete cache filesDelete following files. If there is not file, it's ok.c:\Program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\nmrih\nmrih\modelsounds.cachenmrih.vpk.sound.cachesound\sound.cachecustom\*.cachecache\downloadcache.db4.Run game client and re-connect to server If you have still a problem, report it to below. https://github.com/nmrih/source-game
  9. If my writing insulted you, sorry. I didn't hope it. Because my English is weak, I can't understand accurately your sentence and intent. I hope all NMRiH mappers continue to make the map for NMRiH.
  10. My servers player said, "Please tell the author, This map is innovative. Robbery idea is good"
  11. Hi. Please add loading screen files to .bsp file by pakrat(etc) for server administrator.
  12. You can make your server(undertone
  13. I never see it. Did you remove plugins?
  14. Because, probably new NMRiH version 1.09.07 include few textures.